Armrest Organizer

$39.90 $119.99

"Oh yeah! A must have in any TV room. I use it to store my remotes, eyeglasses, ink pens, tablet and cell phone. Saves a lot of getting up to go get stuff. I have not put any drinks on top but I have used it to place my snacks. I love this organizer. Will order it again." - Alison J., MI

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  • You now never ever have to lose, misplace, search, find or look for your tv remote controls and your audio video remote controls as they will always be where you put them
  • This Armrest Organizer has 6 pockets for sorting, organizing and storage for easy access to tv remote controls, pens, books, eye-glasses, magazines, even iPhone, mobile phones, Xbox controller to get them quickly instead of searching for them when needed
  • A convenient flat tray top will save you from accidents of sliding and spilling drinks or snacks over
  • Foldable and easy to remove so you can storage the Armrest Organizer if you don’t use it permanently
  • Ideally suited for sofa armrests that are between 5 to 6 inches wide
  • Perfect for kids, tweens, teens, and adults


  • Dimensions: 21.7 inch (55 cm) x 12.6 inch (32 cm)

11 Reviews

Alicia M.

Verified purchase

This was the perfect gift for my 70-year old father-in-law! The tray is sturdy for him to put his drink cup on, the pockets work great for all of the remotes and other items he needs nearby. He loves it! Would recommend to others!


Dalton R.

Verified purchase

Awesome little product that is very convenient and keeps everything you need right at your reach. The little platform is very sturdy and will hold coffee. It's nice to have a pen close at hand with your remotes to make your life easier. It's perfect!


Martin O.

Verified purchase

Love it! Already added it to the arm of my new sofa in our RV, with a table-top it will be extra nice because the sofa arms are soft and we don't have room to put an end table next to the sofa. Looks like a winner to me!


Rose W.

Verified purchase

Didn't realize you could put a cup of coffee on its platform without the threat of a spill. Plenty of pockets for my needs too. I'd highly recommend it!


Emilia L.

Verified purchase

I actually bought two of these for my parents, since they are older and can't move around much. These organizers gave them so much more space on their side tables and kept their important stuff at their fingertips. They love them!


Dustin O.

Verified purchase

Having this item where I can reach the remote for my TV, my phone, etc. has proven to be a blessing for me since I just had back surgery. Also, I put my coffee cup on top of this which makes it easier for me. Great!


Stephen K.

Verified purchase

Was a great way to organize my multiple remotes for the multiple devices. Wife and kids are happy, no longer have to dig through the couch to find the remote. Nice!


Amber H.

Verified purchase

I love it. It has lots of pockets to squirrel away all the things you'd love to have nearby at your fingertips. I keep my remote control, nail kit, bottle of hand moisturizer, pens, pencils, puzzle books, magazine and assorted other items in there. Works great! 


Shelby N.

Verified purchase

This is the second one I've bought! I love how sturdy they are so that I can confidently set down my cup of tea or coffee without fear of spillage. There are lots of pockets keeping everything organized and within reach. I definitely recommend this product!


Spencer P.

Verified purchase

Works great. Plenty of pockets for remotes. Has larger pockets to fit the iPad mini and xbox controller. Flat surface is ideal for using a computer mouse, while the walls surrounding the flat surface keep the mouse from sliding off. I'm very happy I bought it!


Travis B.

Verified purchase

Helps organize remotes and things plus provides a flat surface for cups and other items. Very handy. Seems to be very durable. A must-have for a couch potato!