Microwave Bacon Cooker

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"This is the best thing I've bought off the internet. It makes cooking bacon so easy, and it collects all the fat so it is healthier too! No more putting your bacon in the oven and hearing the smoke alarm go off. I make bacon all the time now! Great." - Mason O., ND

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  • Cooks bacon perfectly in minutes in the air - above the fat, not in it
  • Simple and easy to use - hang the bacon over the bars, place one sheet of paper towel over the bacon and into the microwave
  • The drip bar storage tab twists on and off to hold the drip bars when storing the dish after use
  • With the right amount of time, you have crispy bacon with up to 35% less fat
  • Just 1 minute per slice, microwave use only
  • Convenient tray catches fat which can be used later for frying
  • Dishwasher safe, easy cleanup - no fat splashes in the microwave


  • Dimensions: 8.7 inch (22 cm) x 4.7 inch (12 cm) x 8.3 inch (21 cm)

11 Reviews

Elizabeth T.

Verified purchase

This cooker is the easiest way to cook bacon. Drape a few slices over the rods, microwave 60 or so seconds, pull 'em off and enjoy! Now you don't have to do without bacon in the morning 'cause it takes too long to fix. Then, dunk it in soapy water, rinse, and let it air dry. Also quick. It even folds up small enough to store in a drawer. 


Hannah R.

Verified purchase

This little invention is probably the best invention ever. Its easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. It takes between 3-4 mins to cook a full rack of bacon depending on if its thick bacon or thin sliced. There is a plastic handle so you're able to pick it up from the microwave without burning yourself. I wish I would have had this years ago.


Allison O.

Verified purchase

This bacon cooker is perfect. It makes bacon exactly the way we like it. Bacon is a pain in the neck to makes. It's messy, greasy and time consuming. From the moment we received this and used it for the first time, we were hooked. Amazing!


Nathan W.

Verified purchase

So this is the BEST bacon microwave maker ever. You just lay the bacon over the standing legs (you can put 4 slices on each leg) and cover it with two paper towels (don't double it, drape it over). I usually start with 5 minutes and you can monitor the bacon cooking at your liking. All of the grease goes to the bottom. Once complete you can get rid of the oil (I always run hot water to rinse most of the oil out) and put it on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Easy clean up.


Henry D.

Verified purchase

This product is fantastic for microwaving bacon. It comes out evenly crispy, but not overdone, which when laying flat on a tray, often occurs. I even prefer it to doing bacon on a frying pan or griddle since it doesn't get nearly as greasy using this product. Would never have expected this product would create such tasty bacon, but have been shocked with its success.


Blake O.

Verified purchase

I am such a bacon fan and in the past refused to eat it unless it was prepared properly - in the frying pan. Bacon that I have tasted made int he microwave is rubbery and only half cooked. And who has time to fry anymore? This product works great! The bacon is cooked perfectly and comes out crispy.


Paige K.

Verified purchase

Since I purchased my first one of these, I have ordered 4 more. They work great. You need to experiment with your time as each microwave is different. What I did is once I found the right time for 3 pieces of bacon cooked the way I like it, I wrote the time on the bottom with a permanent marker. I have one at work, one at home and one in my RV. The others were gifts to other people who love them as well.


Jessica B.

Verified purchase

I Only wish this item had been invented years ago!! It does not leave a mess, easy to clean, and you can cook 6-8 (or less if wanted) slices of bacon with the look and taste of perfection!! I like my bacon a little crisp, but anyone liking it not so crisp just use less minutes in the microwave. Just put in the microwave with a paper towel draped over the top so it does not splatter. The grease drains in the pan. The bacon comes out perfect.


Sara N.

Verified purchase

We love this bacon cooker. It removes so much fat from the bacon, yet doesn't change the taste, and it cooks very evenly. You will LOVE this!


Michelle P.

Verified purchase

I can cook a pound of bacon on it at once. Time varies according to microwave and how you prefer your bacon. My husband uses it to cook bacon for stuffed mushrooms. I put a paper towel under it when cooking. Great!


Edward J.

Verified purchase

I bought this a decade ago and loved it so much I bought two more for gifts. After we moved this year I couldn’t find it and I realized how spoiled we were to have this. Bacon is so easy to make in a healthier way! I looked in every store, no luck. SOOO excited to find this again!