Foldable Shopping Cart

$49.90 $139.99

"This is awesome! I got this for my mom for her grocery shopping. Now she uses it as a purse most of the time, and when she needs to buy food, she can just expand it and pull it with the wheels. It’s the most useful thing I bought for her. She loves it so much." - Aiden R., WI

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  • This perfectly oversized, heavy-duty portable bag is lightweight and has a sturdy built-in trolley cart for easy storage of your grocery items
  • You can easily switch it to a handbag or shoulder bag according to your preference
  • It conveniently holds all your stuff without the burden of carrying it with your heavy belongings
  • Made of thick, durable oxford fabric with a waterproof interior and heavy-duty wheels
  • A bag that offers storage for your shopping, traveling, vacations, camping, hiking, picnic, laundry, luggage, school supplies, and many more


  • Dimensions: 19.29 inch (49 cm) x 11.02 inch (28 cm)

11 Reviews

Amelia M.

Verified purchase

This grocery bag made my life easier. The size is perfect for regular grocery shopping and I love the part that you don't need to carry it after the market. It has the wheels it folds well very compactly. Awesome!


James T.

Verified purchase

Very handy! This bag is durable and made of thick waterproofed material. The wheels work well and tuck away easily. The expandable zipper is sturdy and works well. I am really happy with this bag, it is a great purchase!


Camila P.

Verified purchase

Actually it was for a present and my mom who is usually goes by herself for the grocery shopping and she loves it. It is really good that you can fold the wheels and unfold them when they needed. Perfect!


Claire D.

Verified purchase

This is a really handy product. I always go shopping and end up buying more than I planned to buy. It opens to its full size quickly, and is easy to roll down the street. Great!


Henry O.

Verified purchase

This bag is very useful, well made, sturdy, expandable, and it rolls! I use it to carry/move items to/from my car. I'm on oxygen and this bag eliminates multiple trips. Glad I found it! 


Kimberly H.

Verified purchase

This bag is great. I love how it can be made into two different bags. The materials is thick and sturdy. I believe it will last a long time. My daughter saw this bag and loved it so now I have to order another one.


Parker F.

Verified purchase

The bag is very good, very sturdy, long enough, large enough, and the wheels are flexible. It's very sturdy, sometimes it's hard to hold things when you buy too much, and it saves much effort. Nice!


Thomas A.

Verified purchase

Great! I purchased this for my mom to used to haul her belongings to and from the pool at the local fitness club. She walks with a cane and everything was getting really hard to carry. The bag have really helped her!


Molly K.

Verified purchase

I absolutely love this item! It’s incredibly simple to fold down the wheels and fold down the bag when I’m not using it. It's been very helpful!


Naomi C.

Verified purchase

I got this for my daughter. She lives in an apartment and sometimes has to park far away! She has been using it almost every day to bring things in and out of her apartment. Very easy to collapse and expand!


Diego B.

Verified purchase

Love how compact this bag is! I'm able to tuck it into anywhere when I go shopping! Love being able to make it a smaller tote when I'm grabbing a few produce products or large when I'm getting more items. Perfect!