Cat Massage Comb NEW YEAR

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"This is seriously a dream! I have a main coon/tabby mix and his fur as he's gotten older has started to get more difficult for him to deal with. We ordered this comb and it is AMAZING. It is comfortable to hold, it doesn't hurt our cat at all. It doesn't take much effort to get through to the matted underfur. Absolutely wonderful product." - Karen H., VA

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  • Simplify the grooming process by using our Cat Massage Comb for detangling and combing
  • Suitable for massaging your cat's face, head, back, abdomen, and legs
  • Frequent brushing is essential to maintain your cat's shiny coat and healthy skin
  • The soft, elastic bristles will excellently detangle fur and remove dirt or debris
  • The comfortable massage experience improves your cat's blood circulation, helps them relax and releases stress
  • From cute, tiny kittens to large cats, it is perfectly safe to use it on them whether they are short-haired or long-haired


  • Dimensions: 3.93 inch (10 cm) x 3.54 inch (9 cm)

12 Reviews

Courtney O.

Verified purchase

It is super cute and just awesome! I have a cat that doesn't like to groom himself. This little comb is a blessing, as he enjoyed brushing. I can go through his fur easily. Love it!


Emma P.

Verified purchase

This comb is awesome!! I have a cat with very long and thick fur and we have had the hardest time keeping it un-matted. This brush got out all of his matts and SO MUCH extra fur, it was amazing.


Holly B.

Verified purchase

Awesome brush! My cat loves this comb, I could only assume its soft or nice feeling to him! 100% happy cat and owner!


Camilla J.

Verified purchase

This comb is perfect. My cat hates being brushed and this thing glides through the matting and knotting. I can easily brush her whole body and get every single mat out super easily. 100% recommend this for your furry friend!


Frank R.

Verified purchase

We have a older cat that is having some trouble keeping up the beauty of her fur. I have been able to help restore her problem areas with this awesome comb. You will be amazed at the ease and beautiful results. Baby the cat appreciates it as well.


Jessica O.

Verified purchase

This comb is perfect for detangling my ragdoll cat’s knots! I tried it out as soon as it came and she let me comb her and after I combed her for a few minutes I stopped! When I went to look for it again I found it under my pillow in my bed! She liked it!


Kate N.

Verified purchase

Love this comb, it’s perfect for my cat! She has very delicate skin and her coat gets knotted easily and this comb handles both very well. I highly recommend!


Rebecca H.

Verified purchase

Perfect for my cat to deal with some slight mats. She's an old girl, and I think she's just given up on grooming herself in some places. This helped get her coat back to normal! She loved using it!


Michelle T.

Verified purchase

Love this comb!! I have been looking for a comb to assist me in grooming my Himalayan. He absolutely loves his new comb and looks forward to grooming time every evening.


Nicole H.

Verified purchase

I just adopted a long haired kitten, and I needed something to keep him free of mats and tangles. So far it’s been great! Easy to use, perfect size and works great!


Audrey F.

Verified purchase

Love the comb! I have 2 Ragdoll cats and as much as I try to keep them combed/brushed out I still can not remove the mats that they get behind their ears and under their chins. That is until now!! The comb doesn’t pull too hard and gets deep into their undercoat. Perfect!


David M.

Verified purchase

I have a sweet cat who will let you do almost anything to him. He is a meticulous groomer and keeps getting hairballs. I thought I would try this. He loves it. It really does the job too. Great!