Happy Meow Windmill Cat Toy

$29.90 $109.99

"Our sweetie pie cat loves it, she’s a bit crazy, runs around the house, up and down the stairs growling, will then come by smack it a couple of times, and away she goes again, great fun for her!" - Maria C., OH

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  • The Windmill Interactive Cat toy is the new all the Bells & Whiskers (!) for indoor cats that don't get all their energy out. 
  • oncentrated interactive games can help reduce behavior problems caused by boredom or irritation in cats. It can help you keep your cat agile, healthy, and focused.
  • Designed with 2 transparent bins on the round blades of the windmill, with a light bulb inside, which can be rotated by gently turning the windmill, and the light bulb inside will light up, which can keep cats attention at all times.
  • The suction cup base can be sucked on the floor, on the doors and windows, under the table, or whenever you want.

7 Reviews

Judy W.

Verified purchase

I purchased two of these toys and placed them on my sliding glass door that overlooks the patio and back yard. My three cats appear to like watching the windmills spin. Being the manipulators they are however, they like for me to spin the windmills for them and they just watch. I will have to train myself not to let them use me.


Carolyn O.

Verified purchase

This is a very cute cat toy. Even though I just got it, when I brought it out, my cat went straight for it and started sniffing it. She batted it with her paw and was entertained. I would recommend this toy to any cat owner out there.


Maria C.

Verified purchase

Our sweetie pie cat loves it, she’s a bit crazy, runs around the house, up and down the stairs growling, will then come by smack it a couple of times, and away she goes again, great fun for her!


Roberta D.

Verified purchase

I received the toy a day early...which was awesome..when I took the toy from the packaging....and showed to my cat..she just fell in love with it....she has played with it all day long....I am impressed to say the least...as she is picky with her toys....thank you for inventing such a cool toy!!


Christy W.

Verified purchase

This cat toy was a perfect fit against the wall in an out of the way spot. My cats were interested and one even started to use the biting part of the toy.


Julia R.

Verified purchase

Our cats LOVE this toy! It is durable and the suction works great! They have such fun with all aspects of this toy. It is great entertainment for them and was a great purchase!


Samantha J.

Verified purchase

My kitten loves this toy. I can suction it to the floor, doors, bathtub to get different angles. She loves the ribbon I tied on to it. I don’t think she will ever get tired of playing with it. So many choices to make a different toy. Cat nip, bell, light up toy, ribbon. Suction it sideways, upright, upside down, high on the wall, low on the wall.


Stacy U.

Verified purchase

 It’s a great little toy! Cat loves it. Came in great shape.


Becky K.

Verified purchase

I really like that this was easy to setup and it looks nice up. My cat ran right to it. It is also sturdy and is holding up nicely to my cat who is 13lbs. I am very happy with this purchase.


Jenny F.

Verified purchase

Both my kittens and my two year old are entertained by this! We suctioned it to our dishwasher and every time the kittens or my kid walks by someone is spinning it and playing with it!


Molly L.

Verified purchase

They barely let me hang it up before trying to play with it! They are so funny to watch. I will purchase more, for sure!


Jack M.

Verified purchase

Nice toy. Nothing wrong with it. Cats play with it off and on.


Shannon V.

Verified purchase

Our kittens enjoy this toy. We had it on a wall then placed it in the floor. It’s easy to get suctioned on any surface and stays in place. Not too hard to remove if you want to change where the cats play with it.