Dog Water Bottle

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"Works real great!!! No more shared water bowls at the dog park! ....But if you are buying one of these then you already know how deadly the dog park communal items can be. The best part of this is that the unused water gets sucked back in the container. No Waste!! Also you can tip it and the water does not leak out." - Rebecca H., OH

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  • Our Dog Water Bottle is simple to use: just squeeze the bottle and the specially designed valve delivers water to the bowl
  • Release your squeeze, and the water returns to the virtually leak-free bottle
  • The 20-ounce bottle easily fits into any standard car cup holder
  • It features an adjustable hook-and-loop strap that can be secured around your wrist or attached to your backpack or belt, making it easy to carry on the go
  • Having fresh, clean water for your dog can help prevent health issues related to drinking from public water bowls and puddles
  • Food safe and leak-tight


  • Dimentions: 8.57 inch (21.5 cm) x 4.22 inch (10.7 cm)

12 Reviews

Gracie O.

Verified purchase

My dog and I walk at least three miles a day, and in Florida that means we get thirsty. There are water bowls at the dog park, but even after I rinsed one out and refilled it my pup wasn't interested. He took to this water bottle immediately. All I have to do is open the valve and keep squeezing the bottle. After he drinks, any water left in the "bowl" returns to the bottle. Close the valve, and we're on our way. The bottle is very easy to carry.


Jacob P.

Verified purchase

I love this device to keep freshwater on me at all times for my service dog. I attached it to my chair with a velcro strap and I am able to squeeze the water to come up into the bowl allows him to drink and what he does not drink it goes right back down when you release the bottom parts. Amazing!!! 


Samantha B.

Verified purchase

My dog loves it!!! Before, I would always bring a bowl and water bottle. This creation is the best ever!!! And a bowl attach makes it even better. Love it!!!


Claire J.

Verified purchase

This thing is awesome. It's super easy to water my dog one handed. There is a straw inside the bottle and when you squeeze the bottle water come up into the cup. When the dog is done, the water goes back down in the bottle. Great for trails and car trips!


Jesse R.

Verified purchase

This water bottle for dogs is wonderful. I bought it for a cross country trip with my two puppies. They took to it immediately. Perfect for in the car. No mess at all. The bottle does not leak at all when turned upside down. The most convenient way to give your dogs water in the car or after a hike. Highly recommend this product!


Lucy O.

Verified purchase

This dog travel water bottle is awesome! It doesn’t leak. Any unused water you squeeze into the top funnel just gets sucked back down in to the bottle! So there is no mess. I gave one to my Vet as a gift too!


Catherine K.

Verified purchase

This is the greatest thing EVER. I love that the unused water goes right back into the bottle and isn't wasted once my dog isn't thirsty anymore. We absolutely love this... it's great for the car (so much less messy) and makes hydrating your pups so easy!


Kate N.

Verified purchase

Awesome invention, and a must have for those warm summer months. Easy to use and carry, I normally fill mine with some ice and water and it really helps my Aussie during the summer as he gets pretty hot. Highly recommended!


Amanda T.

Verified purchase

This has been such a great product! Keeps water from spilling in the car or in your bag. I would literally fill it up and toss it in his travel bag with no spillage at all. I've had it for several months and it worked perfectly!!


Erick H.

Verified purchase

Great for the dog park, walking, etc. It works great! Plastic is lightweight but durable. A simple squeeze brings up water and sucks back down fairly quickly after you release. Great! My dog loves it! 


Karen F.

Verified purchase

I was camping with friends when another dog mom was using this water bottle. I loved it the instant that I saw her using this. As soon as I got home I ordered this. I go on a few road trips a year and this really helps to give my dogs a drink of water without having to stop. Awesome!


Rachel M.

Verified purchase

I wish I had found this sooner. It is perfect while traveling with my pets. I fill it and put it in the fridge overnight so they have cold water while traveling ( for long trips, I add a couple of ice cubes). Just squeeze the bottle and hold to keep water in the upper bowl. When released, the excess water drains quickly back into the bottle - no spilling in the car! I love it!