Dog Collar Light

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"These are my favorite and the only lights that I will buy for my little dogs. I put these on their collars at night as we have a couple acres and want to be able to see where our little chihuahuas roam and call them back if they go too far. These lights last a very long time and I love that I can change the battery and they just keep going! A must-have if you have a pet." - Karen R., VT

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  • Dog Collar Light can be illuminated at night, visible more than 1/2 mile, making them ideal for night walks or travel, ensuring the safety of you and your pet
  • Attaches easily to your keychain or pet's collar using the integrated stainless steel carabiner
  • The bright LED light makes your pets to stand out at night, keeping them easier for you to keep track of
  • The light cover is designed to be rotatable, and the switch is designed to be click type
  • Has 3 settings-steady light for 100 hours, slow flash for 60 hours, fast flash for 30 hours
  • Included lithium batteries can be easily replaced for use over and over again
  • The Dog Collar Light has a durable stainless steel carabiner, so it can withstand even the rowdiest mud-loving pup's shenanigans


  • Dimensions: 1.18 inch (30 mm) x 1.96 inch (50 mm) x 0.78 inch (20 mm)

12 Reviews

Heaven A.

Verified purchase

We love this light. We use it when the dog goes out at night so we can see him blinking around the yard. We use it in evening and early morning walks to keep track of where the dog is in relation to where we are. It makes us laugh to see him sitting on the porch waiting to get in, blinking. Great!


Jayson E.

Verified purchase

I wish I'd have bought one of these a lot sooner, since I walk / run my dog about five times per week, usually after dark. Since getting it, I feel MUCH better that my black lab will be seen by oncoming cars. I use the flash mode and I think it's perfect for my wonderful dog to be seen by others in the dark. Love it!


Kelly B.

Verified purchase

Love these little lights. My neighbor and I spend our evenings at the dog park, and we frequently linger past sunset. I love this light because I can always see my dog. I never have to wonder where he is. I bought one more as a gift to my neighbor. We both are very happy with this light!


Allyson M.

Verified purchase

Work great on my dog who is grey and blends into pavement. Great for when she's off leash early morning and night and hard to see in the dark. Also has become a favorite gift to fellow dog-loving friends. Plus, would also be great to attach to your kid's backpack so they can be stylishly safe!


Myles K.

Verified purchase

My dogs love to go to the dog park, however sometimes I don't always have the time during the day. Fortunately this product allows me to take my dogs out after dark and not have to worry! I turn it on before we get out of the car and I set them free. It's so cute to see just a flashing light running around, especially when it starts to get really dark out!


Cristian H.

Verified purchase

This light is fantastic! We love camping, and love bringing our dogs. When we recently got a new puppy we purchase this light so we could keep track of it at night. The light works great, and we always know where the little guy is. We love it so much we decided to order a second one for our adult dog! He looks cool with this light on!


Rachel P.

Verified purchase

I take my dogs out for walks at night and I want to make sure that they are seen, this light is the best light ever. The light could stay steady or flashing which is great when you walk the dogs at night. Other dog walkers always stop me and ask where I got the lights. Love it!


Mary S.

Verified purchase

We love these lights for our dog! We have a Shih Tzu and a Min Pin and it is so great to have these lights when we walk them at night. They are easy to clip on and off their collar as well as to turn off and on. It is a great added security feature with cars as well as it is a light for them to see as they walk and a light for us to see them.


Daniel J.

Verified purchase

I've got two black labs that tend to try to hide when it's dark out. Now I can just watch their little lights as they traverse my 5 acre lot at night. One of the best items I've ever purchased for my own peace of mind. Great!


Emma W.

Verified purchase

This is SO bright. I have a solid black dog that COMPLETELY disappears at night so this product is a must. I can see him very far away. Perfect!


Mason A.

Verified purchase

Got this for walking my pups am so love it. It looks like they are at their own little disco party. Was hilarious to watch them bounce around in the snow with this light illuminated on the snow around them! Aweosme!


Olivia T.

Verified purchase

I love it! It is so small while providing such great visibility of your dog's location at night. We live between two high-traffic and fast-flowing cars, so the dog can't roam far without being in danger of getting hit by a car. Before buying this I was constantly worried about how close she was, yet now I can spot her location instantly and feel rest assured. Best purchase ever!