Adjustable Door Draft

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"Absolutely amazing product! I love it! I am a night shift worker, I sleep in a day. Sleeping in the day time is really hard for me, during this time all kids are doing digital learning and I can't sleep because of how loud my kids are. I have been using my towel to block the sound but it does not help. Even my room look a little messy because of the towel on the floor. I have been using this product for a couple of days now. I love it, it just did what it suppose to do. I will buy two more for my other rooms as well." - Alisson H., VA

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  • Not only does the draft guard help keep the heat in and cold out, it also keeps dust, sand, and bugs out while also helping with sound insulation
  • You can cut the length you need
  • Makes heating and cooling your home more efficient
  • Blocks drafts from inside and out
  • Conveniently moves with your door - no need to constantly bend down to re-position
  • Adjustable Door Draft glides over carpet, wood, tile, linoleum and more
  • It is the perfect solution to help insulate your home during any season


  • Dimensions: 37.4 inch (95 cm) x 3.7 inch (9.4 cm) x 1 inch (2.54 cm)

12 Reviews

Jenny O.

Verified purchase

I was skeptical at first but I took a chance. I’m glad I did, it does exactly what it was created for. I don’t hear anymore cars passing by, dogs barking etc. And thank God, no more dust!!!! My house was dusty on a daily basis because of that gap under my door. My allergies are under control and no insects just waking in like they pay rent here lol. I definitely recommend this product!


Claire P.

Verified purchase

Really love this product! We moved into a home where the previous owner replaced some of the bedroom doors but didn’t know what they were doing and there’s a huge gap on the bottom of our son’s bedroom door. During winter it’s not an issue but summer time sun rises early and sets late so he was having trouble going to sleep then waking up early. This works perfectly for our needs!


Bobby K.

Verified purchase

The product was easy to install and once it was on, the draft and noise stopped! Depending on the size of the door, you may need to cut the foam. After using this, I have been able to sleep better at night. Awesome!


Ben J.

Verified purchase

This thing works wonders! It definitely muffled sound, and it closes the gap in the bottom of my apartment bedroom door perfectly! I’ll be purchasing more of these for my other doors! I also noticed that my room stayed considerably cooler than the rest of my apartment since putting it under my door!


Mollie R.

Verified purchase

Great! I bought a portable AC for this record LA summer heat, and noticed I get a draft coming through my door when it is closed. I saw this draft stopper and it works very well. Not only for blocking out drafts, this door stopper is pretty good at blocking sounds from outside of the room. I feel like my AC works more efficiently now!


Gloria O.

Verified purchase

My bedroom door had a large gap underneath it (a little more than 1 inch). So light coming from the outside was an issue at night time. The door draft stopper completely fixed the light problem for me. It was really easy to install and I guess I won't have to worry about bugs entering the room anymore. Love it!


Roger N.

Verified purchase

Works perfectly! I have 4 huskys that I bring in to my room at night. When I leave my ceiling fan on, it blows loose husky fur into my living room through the draft of the door. This does exactly what I bought it for and that’s to keep my shedding husky fur from going underneath the draft and into my living room. Just what I wanted! Awesome!


Gary H.

Verified purchase

I really enjoyed this door blocker a lot! It helps keep noise out when I am working from home, helps with temperature, and great for sleeping. I noticed it also darkens up the room since it blocks light from under the door from coming in so it is great for helping make the room darker. Great!


Hanna T.

Verified purchase

We use this on our children's door. We just had carpet torn out and replaced with hard flooring, so there was a bit of a gap under the door that was letting in light and sound. The foam is thick and sufficiently blocks out the light and sound. If we decide to get more we would buy this again.


Courtney A.

Verified purchase

The stopper is able to easily block out any noise or light from coming through the door. The setup process was very easy, it took only about 2-3 minutes. Perfect!


Mathew V.

Verified purchase

This is awesome! Used it for under the guest bathroom door, and it made a huge difference on smells and sounds that “slip” out. Have to get another one to keep the sound out/in my bedroom. I highly recommend - especially with all the time spent at home!


Laura M.

Verified purchase

This door draft stopper is amazing! I absolutely love it. It was very easy to put together and install. Everything is sturdy and in good quality. It has also helped keep bugs out and noise cancelling which is a bonus. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a wonderful door draft stopper!