Pop-up Drain Filter

$19.90 $69.99

"Awesome! Solid material and quality of part is first rate. I really like this new drain because it's much easier to clean the drain on any trapped hair and some yucky stuff. I am able to pull the drain cap completely out of the tube and remove any contaminates I find. Easy fix! The pop up and down stopper is awesome and works great. Love it! I definitely recommend this bathroom pop up filter." - Simon L., OK

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  • Pop-up Drain Filter has an anti-clogging basket strainer inside that neatly collecting hairs and prevents the drain from clogging up
  • This Pop-up Drain Filter fits standard American bathroom sink with 1-1/2" to 1-3/4 inch drain hole (37 mm to 50 mm)
  • Anyone can install a Pop-up Drain Filter due to its simple construction, no tools required
  • The basket ensures smooth flowing of sewage, rapid filtering of sundries and anti-clogging
  • Multi-layer brushed nickel finish, build to resist daily scratches, corrosions and tarnishing
  • When it's time to clean up, simply take the drain filter out and wipe it off


  • Dimensions: 2.6 inch (65 mm) x 2.5 inch (63 mm)

14 Reviews

Amber C.

Verified purchase

I purchased two of these for my master bath. They are perfect! They were in perfect condition and I just had them installed. This is a very high quality product - well made and the stopper mechanism works securely and completely seals the sink when closed. I highly recommend this product!


Dalton K.

Verified purchase

Every once in a while a product comes along that is perfect! All Drain Filters should be made this way. Easy to install, easy-to clear if it clogs, and looks amazing. I am replacing all my drains in the house!


Finn L.

Verified purchase

I was so tired of taking apart my old pop up drain to clean it and this is the perfect solution. Easy to install, literally took seconds and no tools. Now when hair or anything gets down the drain I can pull out the basket, clean it and pop it back in with no hassle. Awesome!


Margot R.

Verified purchase

Amazing! This is such great investment! Catches jewelry and hair. Easy to install for any woman. It's a winner to me! No more cleaning out the trap under the sink.


Olivia A.

Verified purchase

Great quality. Feels nice, solid, and heavy! Stopper has smooth movement and the basket removes easily.


Mason O.

Verified purchase

Easy to install and nice looking, good quality product. I like that it can easily plug the sink then pop up and has the catch basket that comes out easily. I'd recommend it.


William V.

Verified purchase

We are installing these in all bathroom sinks. Easy to open and close drain and to clean trap. Matches my faucet perfectly.


Emily H.

Verified purchase

This was so easy to install. No plumbers putty needed. No leaks and works wonderfully. The little basket is good for catching hair too. I highly recommend.


Ethan O.

Verified purchase

I just installed this pop-up so I can't say how it will last but the materials seem to be premier quality. Installation could not be easier. I'm very happy with the product!


Ella W.

Verified purchase

Push in stop up the sink, push in drain the sink, phenomenal. Removable trap is excellent. I ordered another one the same day I installed one.


Grace T.

Verified purchase

This is a really well done drain insert. The metal is finished top to bottom, inside and out. The color is consistent. The materials quality is first rate, it just feels sturdy in the hand. Installation was a breeze too!


Joseph T.

Verified purchase

So with a bunch of women in the house drain's tend to get clogged with hair a lot. I have already installed one of these several months ago in my girls bathroom and wow it works! The little basket will get filled with hair and not get stuck down in the drain that is a real pain to clean. So I bought another one for our bathroom.


Lucas N.

Verified purchase

I recommend buying this! I threw away the one that came with my faucet bc it was junk and hard to install, and I bought this instead. The install was super easy and didn’t leak. Very useful!


Taylor A.

Verified purchase

This drain filter is gorgeous! It was super easy to install and I love the basket to catch stuff, it's easy to just lift up and out to clean. You push to close and push to open. Love it!