Silicone Egg Mold Set (2 pcs)

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"I LOVE these! They are dishwasher safe and they don't lose their shape even when stuffed into a drawer. I have used them only a few times, each time I used them to fry eggs they worked very well. Now I can make my own version of sausage egg muffins. They are wonderful." - Samantha T., KS

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  • Perfect size for your favorite fried eggs, poached eggs, egg benedict, omelets, mini pancakes, egg muffins, breakfast sandwiches, fritters, patties, desserts, etc.
  • Deep enough to easily add extras like veggies, cheese, or cooked ham or bacon
  • Simply lift the egg rings with two little bunny ears when done cooking
  • Heat-resistant silicone (to 536-degrees Fahrenheit), naturally nonstick for quick food release and easy cleanup
  • Made from BPA-free FDA-approved, food-grade silicone, these egg rings can be safely used in any type of pan or even in the oven
  • Simply wash with a drop of dish soap and air dry or just put it in your dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe
  • Impress your family and friends with your cooking skills
  • Each set includes two Silicone Egg Molds


  • Dimensions: 3.3 inch (8.5 cm) x 0.7 inch (1.7 cm)


2 x Silicone Egg Mold

10 Reviews

Randy E.

Verified purchase

These are the perfect size for breakfast sandwiches! We spray them with a bit of Pam and put them on an already hot griddle and the eggs are always perfect. We are very happy with this set!


Carolyn B.

Verified purchase

Perfect eggs for sandwiches. I bougth two sets! We have fresh ham and egg cheese biscuit sandwiches every morning for breakfast. Highly recommended!


Joyce H.

Verified purchase

My hubby and I use these to make our own English muffin egg and cheese. This makes cooking the egg and keeping it round much easier. I usually let the pan heat up before pouring in the scrambled egg. Very pleased!


Kelly A.

Verified purchase

These are so fun! Especially being stuck home, I’m trying to find creative ways to let the kids help in the kitchen. This has opened up the world of breakfast sandwiches!


Adam N.

Verified purchase

I like to make an egg/bacon/cheese sandwich. These rings make the egg a perfect size for the sandwich. Plus, they are easy to clean up. I've found they work best if the skillet is preheated on medium. I'm happy I bought it!


Douglas P.

Verified purchase

I use these all the time now. They make a really nice egg sandwich I prefer this to having odd shapes to deal with in the sandwich. Everybody needs these in the kitchen.


Evelyn T.

Verified purchase

I love making lots of breakfast sandwiches at one time to freeze for later. The hard part was making the eggs. Once I found these it has made that part so much easier. The rings make the egg a perfect size for the sandwich.


Jenna D.

Verified purchase

These rings are great! I use them all the time now to make breakfast sandwiches and or just perfect eggs for breakfast! Rinse off and toss on the top self of the dishwasher. What a great kitchen tool if you make a lot of eggs and like to get creative!!


Steven O.

Verified purchase

Besides pancakes, these are great for making round, single / double fried eggs like the ones you find at McD's. The eggs don't stick to the rings in the slightest, just easily lift it up. Awesome!


Cheryl O.

Verified purchase

I use these rings when I make egg sandwiches, and these make the egg the perfect size for an English muffin. It doesn't burn my fingers when I remove it from the pan, and it's easy to either hand wash or throw in the dishwasher. Highly recommend!