Flexible Drill Bit Extension

$19.90 $89.99

"A lifesaver! This made my life so much easier. I was able to get into a spot without having to contort my arms. Super easy to use, just slip it on and then put it in. Use the drill as normal and out comes the screw! If I only had this sooner!" - Derek A., MS

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  • Perfect for simple household DIY projects such as installing door knobs, drapes, shelves, decorations, or anything else
  • It bends and turns to ease you into the narrowest of spaces
  • Easily reach screws that are too inconvenient for an ordinary screwdriver like screws a few inches from a wall
  • The shield of the flexible drill extension protects your hands while the inner shaft rotates freely
  • The soft shaft is made of high carbon steel which is practical and durable to use
  • Suitable for normal hand drills and electric drills


  • Dimensions: 11.7 inch (295 mm)

11 Reviews

Joel P.

Verified purchase

I bought this set for putting together some furniture. I'm able to reach some difficult angles and so far the product has held up, it doesn't seem to bend out of position or look like it may break. This product is very lightweight and it holds the bits very well. Why didn't I own this earlier! Great invention!


Bryce M.

Verified purchase

This is a very super flexible shaft where I'm able to do almost a u-turn on it as you can see in the photo. I've used it for my bits to install screws and very tight corners and it had no issues. The built of this is very solid and the exterior housing is like a rubber material. I'll be recommending this to a few of my friends who are in woodworking.


Jeremy O.

Verified purchase

I've been looking for one of these for a long time and finally got this one. I'm glad I did. It works great in hard to reach places and works exactly as I expected. Awesome flexible shaft extension! I highly recommend it! 


Logan H.

Verified purchase

This little flexible hose is so underrated but worth their weight in gold when you need to get into a spot that has you scratching head. I love it!


Katherine B.

Verified purchase

This is a great little extension. Specially for a mechanic or do it yourself around the house getting to those tight spaces I need some tightened. Great addition to the toolbox.


Nicholas E.

Verified purchase

I like to work on pinball machines. There are a lot of tight spaces and wires to work around. This extension comes in extremely handy. I'm able to get at screws that would have previously been quite difficult to get at otherwise. I don't have to worry about the shaft spinning, so it's easy to hold in place. Great!


Kimberly B.

Verified purchase

This is a handy tool. I can’t count the times that my screwdriver would not fit in the area because there’s something in the way. This bendable screwdriver works great in that case. Saves you time! It is very sturdy. I'm happy with it!


Eric O.

Verified purchase

 I've used this much more than expected! It fits under the sink, between studs, and any other tight space you might need to get a drill into. I highly recommend getting this in your bag of tricks.


Anthony P.

Verified purchase

Works really well. You don't realize just how often you need a helper like this, but when you do, you'll be happy you have it. I suggest holding onto it near the bit while using.Works good. Made really sturdy. Great!


Nathan R.

Verified purchase

This is that tool you always wish you have when you find yourself trying to get into a tough space. It's flexible yet sturdy. Tested it in a pretend situation and works great. Can't wait to be working on a project and really need it and finally have it!


Ashley S.

Verified purchase

I finally got to my to do list that I needed this for and I'm so glad I had it. There is no loss in control when using and it was easy to reach the awkward screws between bars of a crib set we put together.