Foldable Fish Trap

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"Used these for the first time tonight. I used them for crawfish and oh my god. I caught 80 large crawfish in 30 minutes with three of these. Unbelievable! I was afraid to leave them overnight but if I had I imagine they would have easily had 60 maybe a hundred a pop. Awesome." - Nicholas O., CO

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  • Foldable Fish Trap is a great and convenient tool to catch fish
  • Just pull the string on the top and the net will be automatically opened
  • Its 360-degree design allows catching a number of fish and crustaceans, including shrimp, crab, minnow, lobster, smelt and crawfish
  • Special double zipper design for easy take out the prey
  • Has retrieval hole on the bottom of the trap
  • Fish Trap can be folded, making it lightweight and portable


  • Dimensions: 33.07 inch (84 cm) x 14.96 inch (38 cm)

12 Reviews

Jack M.

Verified purchase

This Fishing net trap is the best!!! first of all I caught a lot of crabs in just 30 minutes. Now i can finally fish without having to buy lots of bait. Awesome!


William H.

Verified purchase

Wow this thing is so great! I got 5 blue crabs all 5" or more and like 20 small bait fish. The best trap. Totally recommend!


Allison G.

Verified purchase

What I like about this portable folded fishing net is, it has a nice design with multiple holes that fishes or crabs won’t miss to enter the net cage. Easier to use like an umbrella to open or to close. Very long string ropes at even at the highest pier can drop this net that can reach the bottom of the sea floor. I highly recommended to those fishing fanatics to have one!


Luke K.

Verified purchase

My kids love this. They threw some crackers in and caught bunches of fish. Not a single problem yet, actually here buying my second one just to have 2 out at the same time. We love using it!


Robert N.

Verified purchase

Excellent trap. Very easy to use. For my first night I used dog food as the bait. Couldn't believe what I found the next morning, we had lots of minnows, over two dozen shrimp and two large stone crabs.


Bella P.

Verified purchase

This fishing net is the bomb. I love how it catches multiple fishes at one time and it doesn't let me get wet. I got a really big crab too. The one thing I can look forward to is watching my friends and family catch fish too!


Parker T.

Verified purchase

We are shocked that this trap made it back with us from Florida and it’s being stored for next year’s trip! Good quality and functioned as advertised. We took this net to Florida to catch bate fish for fishing in the gulf. Funny enough not much bate was caught BUT we caught 6 crab with this trap!


Jessica W.

Verified purchase

Love this trap. Bought it for my kids to play with at the end of our dock. They have an absolute blast catching all kinds of minnows, crayfish etc. Last time we made a trip to catch some crabs. Got a lot! Unbelievable!


Devin R.

Verified purchase

These portable fishing nets are like a darn fisherman's dream especially if you need minnows or crawfish to catch bigger fish. I mix some dry old bread with half a can of wet cat food, close the lid halfway down n then put the net in overnite. One morning the net was so heavy, I thought it had snagged on the bottom, but to my suprise, was literally half full of crawfish.


Shane N.

Verified purchase

I'm like it has multiple hole for trapping carbs and fishs. I had the best result with chicken liver with the carb trapping and some shrimps also. I definitely will buy again next year and share with my friends. Great!


Ethan J.

Verified purchase

Very simple and easy to use! Just took it to the lake last weekend, attached a rope to the net and threw it out. Checked net after ten minutes and had two blue gill inside. Continued to check throughout my time at the lake and kept pulling out more fish and crawfish. Awesome!


Troy K.

Verified purchase

Great! I use this net to catch crabs. Very convenient, just put the chicken leg inside, it is easily to use that. The quality of this net is very solid and it’s not easy to be damaged by crabs claws. Recommended!