Space Saving Hanger

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"This was the best purchase I made! I just ordered a few of these space saving hangers and I’m surprised at how sturdy they are. I have about 8 pair of jeans/pants on one hanger and it holds them perfectly! Excited to save more space in my closet." - Chloe B., KS

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  • These hangers were designed for both small and large closets, can save 50% of your wardrobe space and keeps your clothes neat
  • This hanger's 9 hole design allows it to be hung horizontally or vertically
  • The hanging head can even rotate 360 degrees freely
  • The hook mouth diameter of the hanger is 3.6 cm (1.4 inch), which can be applied to a wider range of closet rods
  • Conveniently organize your clothes neatly in no time
  • It's of high-quality PP material, thickened design, sturdy and durable


  • Dimensions: 13 inch (33 cm) x 6.7 inch (17 cm)

13 Reviews

Samantha O.

Verified purchase

Ok, these things are honestly magic! I moved from an apartment with a huge walk on closet, to an apartment with a tiny closet and I was at a loss for what to do. I ordered 2 of these, and I could NOT be happier with the amount of space these save!! I'm placing 2 more orders now!


Daniel B.

Verified purchase

These are amazing! They are so sturdy and work so well. I have so much space in my closet now. Super easy to put the hangers on and the holes are big enough to fit any type of hanger. 100% recommend! 


Ashley W.

Verified purchase

I thoroughly have enjoyed my collapsible hangers. I am now able to hang more blouses in my limited closet space. The way the blouses hang on the hanger keep them from getting wrinkled, which is an absolute plus for me. Husband asked if I would get some for him! And will defenetry order more! 


Lauren P.

Verified purchase

They’re so helpful and space saving. The hangers gave me so much more room in my closet. I love how the hook can turn all the way around. They are also so sturdy, they can hold the weight off all the clothes I put on it. The best!


Oliver F.

Verified purchase

We got these for my daughter going off to college, knowing that her closet space was going to be a fraction of what she has at home. It works perfectly! Now I want a few for my own closet.


Robert S.

Verified purchase

I love these space saving hangers! I have very narrow closets and these allow me to utilize more vertical space. Highly recommended!


Paige A.

Verified purchase

I have a tightly, cramped closet and this hanger is a blessing! It looked great and it takes advantage of the extra space on the bottom part of my closet. So I am able to hang more clothes!


Jessica H.

Verified purchase

This is an awesome invention! I moved into a small apartment with small closet space. I have a lot of clothes and knew it wouldn’t all fit inside the closet. I bought these things and they helped so much.


Emma A.

Verified purchase

We purchased a house and I've had to come to terms with smaller storage for clothes. The closet isn't perfect now, but man, these REALLY helped free up space. They're efficient and get the job done wonderfully.


Sophia K.

Verified purchase

These hangers are the absolute solution to becoming organized. I love that I can find what I am looking for. I have more room for all of my things. I am more than pleased! Awesome product!


Violet T.

Verified purchase

Where have these been all of my life?! I’m a shopaholic and my closet was busting at the seams already! This hanger is the best ! I will definitely be ordering more!


Adriana O.

Verified purchase

Had them for two months now and so far so good. Saves really a lot of space. It would be such a great gift for anyone with a small closet! Must buy!


Joel T.

Verified purchase

My girlfriend and I share a small closet, so these hangers are a necessity to fit all of our work clothes in limited space. I organize my hangers by style too, so it both minimizes the amount of space my clothes take up and makes it easy to search through for an outfit. Great!