Cat Harness with Leash

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"I bought this harness for our Maine Coon cat. The XL is perfect. He is roughly 18 lbs. I bought it because he is an inside cat and cries when I go out to play ball with my 90 lb dog. Now, he is part of the action. I walk him with one hand and play ball with the other hand. Harness works perfect." - Suzanne N., CT

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  • Our cat harness with reflective stripe can reflect ambient light in extreme low-light conditions, ensuring maximum visibility during night
  • Its vest-style design can evenly distribute leash pressure across the chest and shoulders to prevent choking or neck strain, which offers much more comfort and security
  • This Reflective Cat Harness features a sturdy D-ring on the back to attach a leash to
  • This cat harness has 2 side buckles for secure closure
  • The adjustable straps around the harness allow you to quickly customize the vest to your cat's tiny frame so that he/she won't slip out or even get lost during outdoor adventures
  • This cat harness is made of lightweight, soft, breathable air-mesh fabric, with soft edge and resilient cushioning, which can effectively prevent injuries, giving extra comfort and protection
  • Reinforced stitching allows you to walk your pet with confidence
  • Each set includes one harness and one leash


  • Leash Dimensions: 47 inch (120 cm) x 0.59 inch (1.5 cm)
  • Chest Girth:
  1. Size XS: 10-12 inch (25-30 cm)
  2. Size S: 12-13 inch (30-33 cm)
  3. Size M: 13-16 inch (33-40 cm)
  4. Size L: 16-18 inch (40-46 cm) 
  5. Size XL: 18-20 inch (46-50 cm)
  • Neck Girth:
  1. Size XS: 8-11 inch (20-28 cm)
  2. Size S: 10-12 inch (25-30 cm)
  3. Size M: 12-14 inch (30-35 cm)
  4. Size L: 14-18 inch (35-46 cm) 
  5. Size XL: 17-20 inch (43-50 cm)


1 x Harness

1 x Leash

13 Reviews

Alice K.

Verified purchase

I purchased this harness so my indoor cat get go outside with me safely and get some exercise and fresh air. Super pleased with fit, quality, and comfort. Reflective tape is very well designed and reflects well at night. I would and have recommend to any cat owner! 


Jennifer R.

Verified purchase

We purchased 2 of the XXS harnesses for our Minuet kitten who is 3 pounds. (Minuets are Munchkin/Persian so they are great escape artists with little legs!!) I love this harness - he cannot retract his legs to get out and it is snug on his body! The leash is short by design - keeps him close to me! Awesome!


Andrew L.

Verified purchase

I purchased a small for my around 10lb cat. The velcro makes it super easy to put on and remove. Material is study, but soft. My cat seems comfortable in it. The adjustable straps add security. I'm vey happy with this harness and Sammy the cat is too.


Olivia M.

Verified purchase

My cat is so happy to finally get outside and having this harness has completely erased my fears of him getting loose. It’s sturdy and well made, and I will be buying a second one for my other cat!


Chloe H.

Verified purchase

I put it on my cat and walked him around the house and it did well. So we tested it outside, he climbed trees ran and rolled on the grass tugged with all his might to try to get to a bird and he didnt escape! Great! I also like that it allows his shoulders to move freely without restrictions. Very pleased!


Lucy O.

Verified purchase

I ordered one of these for my cat and my dog and they both love them! My cat had always loved being outside so now we take him on walks with the new puppy and they both love the harnesses. They are easy to put on and neither of them able to sneak out of them!


Becky T.

Verified purchase

I love this! Our cat is an indoor cat, because we have tons of coyotes, mountain lions, and bob cats all around us, and animals do not last long on their own. So, to give the cat enrichment and let him go outside with the doggies, I got him a harness that fits a cat. I ordered this and it is easy to go on, did not even have to adjust it. Captain can walk in this harness outside and I will know that he is safe. Great harness!


Stella B.

Verified purchase

I put the vest on my kitten three or four times in the house and then finally took him outside with it. I live in a second-floor apartment with two balconies, but he still seems bored and wants to go all the way outside. Of course, he would rather be outside without a leash! Luckily, I am retired and have time for this. He’s still getting used to it after being outside four times, but he seems very glad to be out there sniffing the grass and rolling on the sidewalk. Great!


Kate O.

Verified purchase

Fits perfectly to measurements and stayed locked to keep pup securely in. Shes not use to the leash so she jerked back and then tried to get out the harness. The clip lock stood secure the leash clip hoops are also on both sides so its a little extra security to make sure it doesn't open (small breed), so she wasn't able to slip out the harness, she didn't choke herself like she would of with a collar and when i grabbed her i was able to just grab the harness and pick her up easily and safely. Perfect!


Peggy G.

Verified purchase

We were looking for a well-crafted harness and leash to help our 4 month old, 4 pound kitten acclimate to the outdoors and allow her to walk around our backyard and neighborhood. It was really important that the harness be completely secure and escape-proof, have safety reflection, be adjustable, yet comfortable. And this harness is exactly what we were looking for! Great fit. The best! 


Maria J.

Verified purchase

Love using this harness to let our indoor kitties get some outside time without worrying about them running away. They're both medium-sized cats and the small fits great. Now that I've ordered a second one I'll adjust the fit to each cat. Feels well-made and secure. Very happy!


Eleanor B.

Verified purchase

I was pleasantly surprised. This was so easy to put on and take off and my cat didn’t even try taking it off because it was snug. The size M is perfect for my 2 yr old kitten. Love this and she looks so freaking cute in it. Instead of letting your cat loose risking their lives in the outdoors, this is a great option.


Maxwell E.

Verified purchase

These harnesses are amazing. They fit so nicely on our dog and they are so secure. We get complements on it all the time. Expandable, cute, the reflective strip works amazing. Love this!