Portable Lift Aid

$29.90 $109.99

"My husband just had shoulder surgery and I am still recouping from carotid artery surgery. There is no way I could help him off the couch! This is just the perfect way to help him. He holds one end and I lean back and gets him off the couch! Couldn't ask for better equipment." - Molly O., WI

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  • Providing a safe way to assist patients and loved ones when standing up from a sitting position
  • Use Portable Lift Aid to safely exit chairs, recliners, sofas or cars and to provide additional assistance in bathroom settings
  • Handle adopts ergonomic design to provide greater leverage
  • The diameter of the ergonomic handle is 4.3 inches, which can be comfortable to hold for any hand size
  • The ultra-lightweight lift aid is made of sturdy composite material
  • While this device has been designed with at-home use in mind, you'll also be able to use it in the car or outdoors


  • Dimensions: 10.8 inch (27 cm) x 9.6 inch (24 cm)

10 Reviews

Madeline B.

Verified purchase

I love it! It is an excellent piece of equipment that is strong and sturdy and very helpful in getting my elderly father out of the car. I have it in my car all the time! Very handy!


Thomas N.

Verified purchase

This item is a must have when it comes to helping a person to stand from sitting on a chair or couch. I needed this for my mother. She has lots of difficulty getting to her feet once she sits down. The portable lift aid lift helps a lot! Perfect!


Scarlett T.

Verified purchase

This is such an easy and much-needed device. My husband would often try to help me up from my chair but it was very awkward for him and for me. The lift aid is just the best device yet for getting my husband on his feet!


Lucy A.

Verified purchase

My hubby and I are older so we sometimes need some help getting up off of our too low sofa and chairs. This is perfect for us to help one another!


Jason R.

Verified purchase

As a MS sufferer and my wife uses this to help me get up and out. I'm a big guy and I have no fear about it breaking. It is very sturdy and well-made. Great tool for us!


Peter M.

Verified purchase

This is an essential product for caretakers of patients with mobility and balance issues. Getting the patients out of their chairs and out of the cars is a breeze!


Ruby J.

Verified purchase

I’ve lost the ability to stand easily off of a low sofa. This device works beautifully for someone to help you get up and adds strength to the person who is assisting. Stabilizing and safe!


Hannah D.

Verified purchase

Awesome! I could not believe how easy this device is to use! You have the person sitting down grab the two slots on one side and you grab the other two slots. Lean back and as you do, ask the other person to pull on the handle. Walla, you have lifted them very easy without hurting your back. It is wonderful and you can lift them quickly! Great device!


Sean K.

Verified purchase

This helps enormously during post surgery recovery. It's sturdy and stable, and helps the injured person rise with sooo much less pain or pressure. It also makes it much easier for the helper to assist the person who needs the help. I strongly recommend it.


Juliana V.

Verified purchase

Just started it using. I have back pain and it's difficult to get up from bed, sofa or chair by myself. The lift ensures assistance from family members to help me. Especially the grandchildren. They love lifting me.