Magnetic Glasses Holder

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"This little thing is genius! Got three already! Husband can keep his readers handy without the "old-man glasses around his neck" (his words.) I work doing vision therapy and need to use red-green and Polaroid glasses, on and off, with patients throughout the day. These glasses holders let me have the accessory glasses I need right at hand - no more looking for what I want. Magnets are strong, light, and have not damaged even the most delicate of fabrics! Fantastic." - Rachel O., IL

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  • This magnetic holder allows you to place your glasses safely and securely, within an easily-accessible distance
  • Simply place the back piece inside and attach the front clip outside your clothes
  • 4 built-in neodymium magnets ensure the clip stays in the right place
  • No more dropping, scratching or misplacing of your glasses
  • Stainless steel design makes it look like a delicate and classy accessory
  • Besides eyewear, you also can use it to hold ID badges, eyephones, small screws, or use it to fix the v-neck that is too low


  • Dimensions: 1.6 inch (42 mm) x 0.9 inch (23 mm)

11 Reviews

Alex O.

Verified purchase

Genius! I love the strong magnet and the subtle look, I purchased 2 last year, gave one to a friend, she can't do without it, she wears her everyday. I ended up lost mine, so I re-purchased another one, my glasses are secure. I had a few people inquiring about it at work too! Awesome holder!


Steven K.

Verified purchase

I am near-sighted and I'm always taking off my glasses, putting them down, and promptly forgetting where they are! Wearing the magnetic holders solves that problem! I always know where my glasses are! The magnets are super strong. Attaching and detaching them is a breeze! I highly recommend this product for anyone who frequently removes their glasses or who doesn't need them under all conditions.


Amy L.

Verified purchase

These are great. I love them. I bought multiples to have one in my purse, at home and a back up. Best investment I've made!


Rebecca D.

Verified purchase

This holder makes it super easy for me to "carry" my glasses around with me for when I do need them, without having to carry a case in my hand, etc. Easy to put on and take off, but the magnets are also strong enough that you never have to worry about the holder (and your glasses) falling off. Great!


Grant O.

Verified purchase

This product is awesome! I only need readers, so I am forever searching for a pair. These allow my glasses to always be on me, out of the way, and so handy!! When going into a store, I put my sun glasses in it, and use my readers. The best!


Megan N.

Verified purchase

I have bought these twice know. I had to stop using readers which they are great for. But when I full time glasses I lost track of the two I had. Then I realized i could use them at work to put my badge on to blouses that don't have a colar on them. This is a badge that i have to pull out and use everytime i have to access a door (which is a lot). This holds it tight has never pulled off. Love it!


Collin B.

Verified purchase

What a great idea! I can't tell you how many times I have had to search for my glasses because I couldn't remember where I put them. Even when stuck them in the middle of my shirt for safekeeping, if I bent down to pick up something, they'd fall out. Well, this is THE solution!


Diana H.

Verified purchase

How did I live without this! This effective and discreet hook holds my reading glasses as well as larger, bulkier sunglasses, without marring the shirt or sweater I am wearing. Highly recommended!


Weston J.

Verified purchase

Pockets don't cut it for glasses. This magnetic loop sticks wherever I want to carry my glasses. Always at the ready in the most convenient place!


Maggie A.

Verified purchase

Bought two - for myself and for a friend. Really great at staying put and works better than a pocket for holding glasses. So glad I found this!


Erick P.

Verified purchase

Love this eyeglass holder. Resolved my issue of hooking glasses on shirt collar, getting it snagged on necklace or when bending over they fall. Not any more. Best invention!