Bucket Mouse Trap

$49.90 $139.99

"This is the best trap on the market. This trap works perfectly for my barns, chicken coops and even in my house when a few try to nest up in my home. It is fantastic because I do not even have to reset these, all I do is simply put some feed in the bottom of the bucket, and they just start plopping in 1 by 1. Love it." - Emma K., AK

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  • Turn an ordinary 5-gallon bucket into the best trap on the market
  • With our new Bucket Mouse Trap, all you have to do is snap it onto a standard-sized 5-gallon bucket and boom you're catching mice and rats
  • Automatically resets and holds upwards of 30 mice and 10+ medium-sized rats
  • No mess that you must clean up afterwards - simply release or dump your friendly intruders outside
  • You can use our trap repeatedly without having to toss it out
  • Place the trap next to walls where price presence is known


  • Diameter: 12.2 inch (31 cm)

10 Reviews

Kennedy L.

Verified purchase

I've had such a hard time with pack-rats around my property, this thing works like a charm! Think I might get a second one to leave by our cars. Works great!


David O.

Verified purchase

This trap is working great so far. Caught 3 mice since setting up! Easy set up that only requires a bucket. I recommend this trap to anyone who might think they have a multiple mice problem in their house.


Taylor M.

Verified purchase

I've had a problem with mice in my garage for awhile now and didn't want to go with a trap that killed them. I bought this mousetrap, attached it to my bucket and put some feed inside of it. After a single day, I caught half a dozen mice! Awesome!


Stella H.

Verified purchase

Great product! Amazed at the amount of mice caught with this product. I got a DUB with this product on the war against mice. Perfect!


Thomas J.

Verified purchase

This is the most successful mouse trap I have ever used. It has been so successful I recommended it to everyone I know who keeps poultry to eliminate mice near their chicken coops.


Adam B.

Verified purchase

Works like a charm. We caught 3 mice within a day of setting the trap. Easy to use, no poisons and the dead rodents help feed other wildlife. Highly recommended!


Kendall N.

Verified purchase

I’m telling you it is the greatest mousetrap I’ve ever seen or had. It works perfect and I have eliminated my mouse problem in a few days. Awesome!


Melanie G.

Verified purchase

This is a great mouse trap for live trapping mice. It's very humane. I have mice in my garage but I don't want to kill them. I trapped two mice and was able to relocate them to the wilderness. Great!


Max T.

Verified purchase

Excellent trap. Caught three mice on my first night of use. I've never used a trap that was so effective on day one. Would highly recommend it.


Rachel L.

Verified purchase

Awesome trap! Wonder how many I will catch tonight. Won't be eating my plants anymore! Very easy to set up and apparently very effective.