Nano Bathroom Bottle Mount

$14.90 $39.99

"These things are the best! I bought 4 of these to conveniently organize my immediate necessities without them toppling over all the time. They are easy to install, require no tools, and are sturdy enough to hold up a liter of shampoo/conditioner/soap. I have recommended to all my family and friends." - Judy T., WY

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  • For easy and fast access to soaps, and moisturizers
  • Easy to install, just peel off the protective layer in the back and stick it on the desired position
  • Recommended to leave it on 24 hours before hanging any objects
  • Works best on a smooth surface, like ceramic tile, metal surface, glasses, etc.
  • The outer diameter of the bottle mouth should be more than 3 cm (1.2 inch)
  • Can hold any bottle up to 10 Lbs


  • Dimensions: 2.6 inch (65 mm) x 2.5 inch (63 mm)

12 Reviews

Emma C.

Verified purchase

Very thrilled with the look and stability of this mount. It attaches firmly to our shower stall and give the whole shower a new look! You will not be disappointed with this purchase! I plan to order another one for our guest bathroom!


Madison K.

Verified purchase

Love it! This really does stick and keeps the tub ledge neat and clean. Simple to install. It’s been up for about a month. Does not show any sign of deteration. Awesome!


Hannah L.

Verified purchase

We installed 3 of these in our RV shower to secure our shampoos and conditioner while driving down the road. They were recently put to the test when we exited a gas station with a deep drainage curb. Things flew out of the bathroom caddie and one shower door roller came loose, but our bottles were right there on the wall. Excellent!


Walter R.

Verified purchase

Great tool! Got two of these mounts for my parents as they just bought a new house. They love it say it keeps things nice and organized. I will order more for my own bathroom!


Olivia A.

Verified purchase

We love the style. It looks so nice in our shower. Very easy to install. Just took me a few minutes. Going to buy more!


Kelly O.

Verified purchase

This is amazing!! I can’t believe is was so hard to find! Mine have held up for 7 months of use and holding heavy bottles and me pumping them everyday in the shower. I haven’t tried to remove it so we’ll see how that goes!! 


Roger V.

Verified purchase

We installed 3 of these so our 8 year old granddaughter could quit dropping an open shampoo bottle that spilled the shampoo and was wasted. This saves a lot of money because it is a dispenser. My granddaughter loves it. Highly recommend it if you have small kids!


Tyler M.

Verified purchase

I love this product! Installed this upside down to hold my shampoo bottles. Worked as I wanted! I no longer have to search for my shampoo all over the bathroom.


Gregory O.

Verified purchase

Love it! Makes brand soaps and shampoo look fancy! Was easy to install and holds well. I will buy a few more for sure.


Amy W.

Verified purchase

We use this daily in our shower. It's very easy to install! My husband likes a certain type of liquid shampoo. Very sturdy. The bottle we have attached is a 25.3 ounce bottle. Perfect!


Donna T.

Verified purchase

We were looking for some ways to better organize our shower and this was on the list. It was easy to install and looks great. Glad I bought three! Highly recommended!


Joseph T.

Verified purchase

I got this to cut down on some of the bottles on my tub ledge. And it's great! It stays up and the dispensers work perfectly. Very useful!