Hanging Purse Organizer

$29.90 $119.99

"I LOVE my new Hanging Purse Organizer! My bags have been crushed in an underbed storage bin, so I sorted through them, keeping only the ones I really love and donated the rest. Now I can easily see my bags and don't have to go digging under the bed when I want to change purses! The quality of the purse organizer is great and all of my bags fit in the slots. I would definitely recommend this product." - Chloe E., NH

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  • This Hanging Purse Organizer saves closet shelf space while neatly storing your handbags, small blankets, sheets, towels, and other linens
  • This closet purse organizer features clear plastic slots that allow for easy identification of contents
  • The two-sided design allows you to store 6 bags in one
  • The stainless steel hook on the purse organizer can hang on a standard closet rod
  • You can hang it behind the door, on the wall or anywhere you like if there isn't enough space in your closets
  • Hanging Purse Organizer makes finding the bag that you want from a bunch much more simple


  • Dimensions: 13.8 inch (35 cm) x 12.6 inch (32 cm) x 35.4 inch (90 cm)

10 Reviews

Claire H.

Verified purchase

Just bought my second one! It's the perfect solution for my cluttered (no longer) closet. It's well-made and the ideal size, giving me visibility and easy access during my purse selection process. The length also allows room for my shoe rack underneath. Love it!


Morgan R.

Verified purchase

It's perfect! First off, this holds much larger bags that the picture looks. I can easily fit large tote sized purses in it. My closet is small, so I love my bags are visible and on a rod instead of piled up in the floor.


Isabel O.

Verified purchase

I have a ton of designer bags that I really wanted to condense down to create room in my closet. This was the perfect solution, lightweight, sturtrdy, and all my bags fit in it. Awesome!


Kevin D. 

Verified purchase

This purse hanger is the perfect solution for storing purses. It has six spaces to fit small to medium sized purses. Just hang and put your purses in the slots. Easy! My wife is happy! 


Thomas S.

Verified purchase

My wife loves this hanging purse organizer! When we first got it we thought the pockets looked small but the larger pockets are able to hold really large items! It’s sturdy and it works great!


Melanie O.

Verified purchase

Finally! I have my handbags out of a tub and stored properly. If you have the closet space I highly recommend this product to store your purses. No assembly required and as you can see the purses fit nicely. First I stuffed baggies w/paper towels to use instead of buying purse pillows. That keeps them shaped properly. Then storing them in this keeps them from being smashed with other purses on top of them. Plus much easier to access when ready to switch out. Great!


Stella K.

Verified purchase

Super amazing. As soon as it was delivered I was extremely eager to hang it up. I love how it preserves my bags and gives an inviting appearance when choosing which bag to use. The material feels strong. I'm very pleased!


Daniel B.

Verified purchase

Awesome! My wife is a purse collector and this is a great way to store them. She can grab anyone quickly. The bins are big enough to put a few smaller purses in the same area. She is happy that I bought 3 of these.


Joel N.

Verified purchase

The greatest organizer! My wife was able to fit all her purses and bags of ALL sizes into this. Just hangs so nicely in my closet while taking up no floor space! We definitely need a few more.


Jessica P.

Verified purchase

I am thrilled to have my purses hanging in my closet as opposed to shoved on a shelf. Because of the clear holder, its so quick and easy to see exactly which one I need to use, its not dusty or crunched, and the individual pouches seem quite generous.