Underwear Organizer Set

$29.90 $109.99

"I love this product! My drawers and my sons drawers look neat and tidy, and so beautifully organized. It's the perfect thing for your child too with their smaller sized clothes, or for newborns too. I have a four year old and I use this for many of his clothes, and all of his underwear and socks. He likes to pick out his own outfits so he really loves having this in his drawers as well. I bought two sets and I would 100% recommend this to anyone." - Claire J., TN

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  • Your wardrobe will never be messy again with this Underwear Organizer Set
  • For an organized wardrobe, use this to store your underwear, socks, and more
  • Easy to find which one you want to wear and never need to ransack all of your clothes
  • There are three designs of this product with different amount of compartments in three different sizes, making it specifically suitable to store bras, panties, and socks
  • This is made of high-quality fabric with well-stitched mesh
  • For durable and long-lasting use, this compartment can withstand long term pressure
  • Each set includes 3 boxes: Bra Box, Pantie Box and Sock Box


  • Box size: 
    - Bra Box: 12.6 inch (32 cm) x 12.6 inch (32 cm) x 4.7 inch (12 cm)
    - Pantie Box: 12.6 inch (32 cm) x 4.7 inch (12 cm) x 4.7 inch (12 cm)
    - Sock Box: 12.6 inch (32 cm) x 4.7 inch (12 cm) x 4.7 inch (12 cm)


  • Bra Box x 1
  • Pantie Box x 1
  • Sock Box x 1

11 Reviews

Taylor O.

Verified purchase

I've ordered several of these now throughout the past year and a half. Amd I love them! They have made my drawers much more manageable. They also made moving convenient as I just had to pull them out and into the box. When it came time to unpack all I had to do was pull them out and stick them in my drawers again. No need to organize all my clothing again. Awesome!


Madeline B.

Verified purchase

Great to organize your dresser drawers! Trying to inch towards “minimalism” lifesand this is a great start. I always see how many items I have, so it’s less tempting to shop on impulse knowing that I have no more “slots “ to use. Highly recommended!


Kevin L.

Verified purchase

These are awesome and they fit our drawers perfectly. I was having a hard time finding the perfect size, but these worked great! I ordered one set and immediately ordered another after it came. The quality is wonderful and now my sock drawer looks like a dream!


Maria P.

Verified purchase

I ended up buying two packs after we used the first one so quickly. Great for organizing our son's socks, undies, and I even used one in our hall closet to organize extra medicine and toiletries. Love it!


Alex R.

Verified purchase

I love this so much! It seriously saved me from a messy drawer constantly trying to find what I need. But now can see everything and its not a mess at all. I recommend!


Asher T.

Verified purchase

Love these! Bought for my 11 year old son who had a hot mess of a sock drawer. This fixed it! Ordered two more sets for myself.


Violet A.

Verified purchase

So amazing! My drawers aren’t overflowing with socks and bras and underwear. My stuff looks nice and clean and organized. Great!


Emma H.

Verified purchase

Bought these for my husband who has started doing a Konmari method of folding because he was having trouble standing items up. He loves them. Will probably buy more. Pretty sturdy, foldable, great variety of containers and they fit perfectly in the drawers of our IKEA Malm dresser.


Lucas K.

Verified purchase

I just needed something to help me organize my drawers and this has helped me do that. The little sections built in helps me organize my underwear and allows more room for my other clothes. I'm very pleased!


William N.

Verified purchase

These drawer dividers are wonderful! I used them to separate clothing items and sizes for my new granddaughter. There was no assembly required and several different shapes so you can make it work for you. I will definitely buy more!


Nicole T.

Verified purchase

Perfect organizer for my bras, underwear and socks! I moved them from a messy drawer to a well organized shelf in my closet and am 100% satisfied!