Punch-Free Wall Hanging Patch Panel Holder (3 Pack)

$19.90 $89.99

"Good product, very well adhered to wood and wall. My baby is starting to crawl and this product is very useful to keep him away from the strip and curiosity." - Linda C., CO

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  • Perforation-free, acrylic transparent adhesive, strong bearing capacity, the longer the bonding time, the stronger the bonding force, the maximum load is 11lbs/5kg
  • It is as easy to use as horizontal stickers and can be used anywhere according to different needs
  • Remove the glue without residue and do whatever you want
  • The chute design is easy to pull out and insert and separate, and can be removed and placed in other positions, which is super convenient and practical
  • Especially designed for Power Strip/ WiFi Router / Paper towel boxes/ adapters and remote control

9 Reviews

Elizabeth R.

Verified purchase

Cannot express how much of a life saver these are I used them in my power strip in my girls room as well as under my vanity it’s sturdy and easy to apply.


Paula S.

Verified purchase

I have been using it for a while, and it has not shaken at all. It looks like it is made of great materials, and I hope it continues this way. Recommend these!


Amanda V.

Verified purchase

The adhesive strips are extremely tacky and hold up very well. The sliding mounts make it easy to move when needed


Jessica H.

Verified purchase

These power strips are a life saver for females because I have no screws or a drill.It is firmly attached to my desk, great item.


Steve I.

Verified purchase

I needed something to help support my power pads and keep them off the floor. I had tried Velcro and other adhesive products. These fixer strips are great for attaching the power pads to any surface. There could also be used for other items you need to remain stationary. They are easy to use and are very sturdy.


Linda C.

Verified purchase

Good product, very well adhered to wood and wall.
My baby is starting to crawl and this product is very useful to keep him away from the strip and curiosity.


Becky N.

Verified purchase

My power strip was driving me crazy. I am so happy with this! I was able to get it up and out of the way. I have since purchased more.


Donna T.

Verified purchase

I used to take a hammer and some nails when attaching my power strips to the wall, but no matter how careful I would be they eventually became lose. The power strips would always start to wiggle and looked so bad. I came across this product and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try, but my expectations were low. I SERIOUSLY CANT BELIEVE I DIDNT HAVE THIS SOONER!!! Not only does it keep your power strip perfectly in place, but it also leaves NO damage behind.


Monique Z.

Verified purchase

Work well and keep your item where you need it. Where have these been all my life. They make putting your power strip where you need it easier.