Safety Car Phone Bracket

$19.90 $89.99

"I love this smartphone car mount! Not only does it hold my phone securely in place with no vibration, it mounts perfectly easy to my rear view mirror. I would recommend this product for everyone ." - Michael V., SC

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  • This rearview mirror mount makes installing your phone, GPS or dashcam safe and easy
  • This mount kit can be adjusted to any angle according to your need
  • Extra-firm gooseneck absorbs vibration, providing a stable viewing environment, through solid, high-quality workmanship way, more stable and secure, hold your phone firmly
  • The Safety Car Phone Bracket can be perfectly positioned behind the rearview mirror without distracting the driver
  • The clamp arms stretch out from 2.1 inch (55 mm) to 3.1 inch (80 mm)
  • Suitable for most phones, dash cams, GPS and other devices


  • Dimensions: 4.3 inch (11 cm) x 3.1 inch (8 cm)


11 Reviews

Harper L.

Verified purchase

I just wanted to write about my Safety Car Phone Bracket. It's absolutely the best I ever had in my life. Came back here to order another one for my Dad. Super easy to install, fits Iphone 11 ( with a phone case). I'm very pleased!


Robert A.

Verified purchase

I am currently using this with an iPhone and love it. I can see incoming messages and have my gps right in view without ever needing to take my hands off the wheel. Best that I have seen. It has a very sturdy design and attaches firmly to the mirror. Awesome!


James T.

Verified purchase

This saved me! Got a new job in another city so really needed this. Every easy to set up and use and very safe to use on the highway. Easy to look at my phone for GPS while still keeping my eyes on the road. The best phone holder ever!


Molly N.

Verified purchase

Finally the answer! You know if a product is right when other people comment about it when they see it. Perfect. I can watch videos. I know it's dangerous but after a while, you can train yourself to still pay attention to the road. I usually watch videos when people giving talks etc so I don't need to constantly look at the screen anyway. Love it!


Steven B.

Verified purchase

I was a little worried when I ordered it being that my rear view mirror is a bit larger then most because it has the built in on star, but it still fits nice and snug. It holds my phone in a great spot for GPS and it can hold from small up to a pretty large phone. Very very happy with this purchase and highly recommend it!


Rebecca K.

Verified purchase

This cell phone car mount has some really awesome features. The biggest is it is very stable. With this the cell phone stays in sight where you look very frequently. Great product!


Melody S.

Verified purchase

Super easy to use. Works with both my husbands Galaxy Note, and my iPhone. Fits in both my Ford Escape, and his Toyota Tundra. Adjustable parts to fit all sizes of rear view mirrors, and phones. Definitely better than using my phone for directions in my lap! Highly recommended!


Weston J.

Verified purchase

Great quality. Easy to install. I like that it offers such a great durability. Best thing about this mount is video option. You can video someone carelessly driving in front of you with your hands free. I commute 5 days a week for 2 hours. I have seen some scary stuff directly in front of my windshield. Makes my travels safe!


Henry T.

Verified purchase

This, in my opinion, is my favorite design. It mounts to your rear view mirror. Easy installation, allowing you to adjust it, to your preference. Both of my vehicles have electronics in the mirror and it doesn't interfere. Nor, is it to heavy, doesn't putt any stress on the mirror mount. Just perfect!


Shelby G.

Verified purchase

Use this in my husband's truck. It is amazing not only does it make it easy for him to put on a video so the kids have something to watch in the backseat but it's easy hands free for him to answer his calls. Great!


George P.

Verified purchase

I have an iPhone plus it is too heavy for most holders but this one worked perfectly. Made a cross country trip and this holder was great. I slid the phone in the holder and gps did the rest. I would buy it again and recommend it to friends and family.