"Mr. Oink" Little Walking Piggy

$19.90 $89.99

"This piglet was a huge hit with my son for Christmas. My son loves animals (we have two cats and his grandparents have a dog). He loves things that make sounds and move. And this was just perfect for him. Perfect." - Victoria K., ND

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  • Help your child develop new motor skills and make the little one laugh with joy and delight when playing with this super cool pet friend
  • Switch him on and watch him stroll along then stop to wrinkle his little nose, oink a few times and swish his curly tail alongside Your Child
  • This toy will help kids build fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and enhance creativity while keeping them entertained for hours
  • Hypoallergenic and great for children with allergies to pets
  • Made of plastic, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, non-toxic and anti-aging


  • Dimensions: 6.3 inch (16 cm) x 2.6 inch (6.5 cm) x 4.1 inch (10.5 cm)


11 Reviews

Samantha G.

Verified purchase

I’m so glad I bought this pig! When my son opened the box and saw this little pig he was sooooo excited. Then when he turned it on and it stared to oink and walk he was even more happy. He loves the little guy! 


Amelia B.

Verified purchase

This was possibly my son’s favorite Christmas gift. He thinks it is hilarious and has shown everyone in the family. It’s also much cuter in person than the picture indicates. Awesome!


Daniel O.

Verified purchase

I love this little piggy! I have bought 2 of these because I showed my first one to my niece and let her keep it so I had to get another one for my daughter. Adorable!


Nathan R.

Verified purchase

Bought it for my 5 year old niece and she loves it!! It is really cute and the size is perfect. It looks very cute and I love the lights.


Ashley M.

Verified purchase

This toy is amazing! I originally bought this for my 3 yr old daughter but she "shares" it with her baby brother. My son is 6 mos now and he loves it.


Connor H.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my cousin's daughter for Christmas. She asked Santa for a "piggy" and no one knew exactly what she meant but when she opened my gift I think i got exactly what she wanted. She is 2 and she absolutely loves it. Highly recommended!


Lucy A.

Verified purchase

Cute little light up musical piggy. Grandaughter was ecstatic.


Melanie S.

Verified purchase

Was so excited to give this gift to my daughter who had this toy as a child. It is awesome! I love the color! Looks cute.


Audrey T.

Verified purchase

This pig was exactly what it was advertised as and was a perfect gift for my 5 y/o son's friend who couldn't decide between wanting a real pig or a fake one for his birthday. The best!


Sadie K.

Verified purchase

Great product for early childhood teachers and students to be combined with Cultivating Compassion guides to help children understand and become more empathetic to farmed animals. It looks very cute and I absolutely love it!


Avery J.

Verified purchase

I bought 4 of these for a pig race during our trunk or treat. These worked great! They were so cute I had to keep guard so they would not "walk" away. Awesome!