Spring Pipe Dredging Tool

$29.90 $89.99

"This is one of those things you don't know you need until you actually get one. I have used this about a thousand times since it arrived! I used it on my bathroom sink who's stopper broke and the stuff I pulled out of there was like an archeological dig. I thought I was going to find dinosaur bones with this thing! Absolutely a must in any home. Totally worth getting." - Carol W., TX

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  • Our Spring Pipe Dredging Tool will help you to remove any clogs and debris easily without chemicals
  • Simple two-finger action - pull and release handle to grip
  • Long enough to get real deep in drains
  • Stretches deep into even tiny and narrow spaces
  • This extending tool has a strong four claw gripping clip. It can remove 3KG weight at one go
  • Suitable for kitchen sink, toilets, washbasin, bathtubs, floor drains
  • Removes hair, food, garbage & other obstacles.


  • Length : 24.4 inch

13 Reviews

Jim H.

Verified purchase

I dropped one of my air pods in my bathroom sink (sink hole cover was not on) and this tool helped me retrieve my air pod! Cleaned it and is still functioning to this day. Great price and easy to use.


Jane F.

Verified purchase

Saved me a plumbing bill! I dropped the head of my refillable razor head down the drain. It was tricky because of the angle it went down but this tool saved my life. I was so happy when I was able to retrieve it within a minute.


Mary C.

Verified purchase

My toddler flushed a toothy brush down the toilet. He did this last month and cost us $65 for a plumber. After he did it again I ordered this and my husband was able to pluck the tooth brush out no problem.


Diane W.

Verified purchase

I had dropped a cap to my radiator overflow down into the engine well and there was no way to reach it. This handy little tool did the trick. I was able to grab it and pull it out no problem. This has a pretty strong grip on anything you grab with it.


Joe U.

Verified purchase

My daughter flushed a stuffed animal down the toilet and clogged our toilet. We tried to get it unclogged with a plunger and it didn’t work. After a few try’s with this, it unclogged. It saved us lots of money to not have to call a plumber to come and fix it. 


Luke S.

Verified purchase

My daughter dropped a squeeze dropper top to a bottle of tee tree oil down bathroom sink
I removed it on the first try.


George M.

Verified purchase

Best invention ever. We had tooth brush and my wife's lipstick stuck in the bathroom sink. This took 5 minutes and were able to get it out. 


John M.

Verified purchase

10/10 would recommend to anyone with a clogged drain. I used this product to remove my missing comb from the toilet.


Kate C.

Verified purchase

I got this as a Valentines Day gift for my husband- jokingly because I always drop small bits of food in between the car seats! It works perfect for picking up small peanuts which is normally from the trail mix I'm eating... my husband has also found other uses for this product- he used it to put spark plugs in our Sea Doo and said it worked really well!


Richard N.

Verified purchase

Worked great! Easy to snake down the drain and bring up the blockage. Now my drain works great.


Jim W.

Verified purchase

Purchased with one task/goal in mind -- clearing a drain where toothpaste caps and other crud had fallen into over the years. It executed the task admirably, so well so, I used it to clear every drain in the house.


Lucy B.

Verified purchase

I had a broken piece of bathroom tile fall down my toilet pipe and the grabbers reached down the pipe and picked it up with no problem


Gary C.

Verified purchase

My wife dropped her ear ring down the sink drain. I used Spring Pipe Dredging Tool to retrieve it. Saved the usual high plumbers bill. It got the ear ring on the 3rd try.