Plant Hook Pulley

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"Hanging flower baskets are a treasured summer ritual at my house, but trying to water pots dangling just beyond my reach is not part of living the dream. Water runs down my arm, the planter shifts and I water the cat. This little pulley device is absolutely amazing, it's just what I needed, no hassle with getting on a ladder or step stool you just pull it down also it benefits the plant because I can pull it down to the level of where the sun comes in the window. This little item actually is one of the best purchases I've made in the past 5 years." - Anna M., NE

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  • This Plant Hook Pulley gives you quick, direct access so taking care of your hanging plants is easy, safe, and convenient
  • Because this pulley is retractable, it allows you to easily lower your plants for watering, pruning and getting sunlight
  • And when you’re done, it’s quick to raise up so your plants can go back to its place and be out of the way
  • Constructed with an internal durable hanging strap and fitted with two easy to use carabiner style clips
  • No tools needed, it easily clips on any hooks and can accommodate all plants and hanging baskets with weights under 15 kg (33 lbs)
  • There is a durable hanging strap inside, the maximum extension length could be up to 35 inch (90 cm)
  • You can also use it in the kitchen to hang baskets of herbs, spices, or fruits


  • Dimensions: 7.9 inch (20 cm) x 3 inch (7.8 cm)

12 Reviews

Lucy H.

Verified purchase

Best purchase ever! I can't believe I never thought of buying this before. This is wonderful. This makes watering the hanging baskets easy. The product is well made, swivels with the breeze and works as described. You won't regret this purchase for your hanging baskets! I rate this one of the best purchases I have made.


Maria R.

Verified purchase

This is my second purchase of this pulley. This is great for not only people with height issues but also for those of us with shoulder issues. Easy to push up and down for watering your plants. I would guess it could be used for other items as well once you start thinking about other uses for putting things up and out of the way. Great tool!


Charles O.

Verified purchase

These are great! My mother uses them to hang her plants on her porch and she is vertically challenged so they are great to pull the plant down to water and then put back up again. They slide up and down with ease. Nice!


Lauren W.

Verified purchase

I have had something similar to these in the past and I must say these are superior. This is the best thing to use if you're going to have hanging basket and want to water it easily without making a mess. Love it!


Sophia B.

Verified purchase

This plant pulleys work great! It is easy to put up and will adjust the plant's hanging height easily, just lift the plant to the height you want and let go. The pulley appear to be well made and should last for a long time. We have like 10 of them already!


William O.

Verified purchase

I've got my hanging basket hooked to this; it is not huge basket, but it is relatively heavy after watering. Makes watering, weeding, and removing dead flowers easy when the pulley brings the basket to waist level. Very helpful!


Addison K.

Verified purchase

I'm short and at my age, I really don't need to be up on stools. I figured out operation fast and it has worked wonders ever since. Lift and a quick pull-down and that heavy planter comes down with ease and returns just as easily. Now I can put more plants in my house. I will be ordering more! Would recommend!


Olivia B.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my hanging plant on my patio. It works great. When I need to water I can now lower the plant and water my plant without having to raise my arms for watering. I'm happy!


Jacob N.

Verified purchase

I bought 5 of these pulleys to be able to better access some hanging plants that are just a bit too high for me to take down and put up when needing to water. These pulleys work great and hold the plant up nicely as well as give very easy access to pull the plant down to a level that can better be reached. Really love them and highly recommend this product. Will use for several locations.


Alexis P.

Verified purchase

Wonderful, now it is so easy to water my hanging basket. Was afraid they might not be able to hold the weight but are working great. I try to be gentle with it while raising and lowering the heavy pot and have had no problems so far. Would recommend.


Isabella J.

Verified purchase

I am happy with this purchase!!! Sturdy construction and easy to operate. I am using two of them to hang bird feeders from my backyard porch deck. I have 3 others for hanging some potted plants. Great!


Daniel H.

Verified purchase

I bought these and they performed perfectly. So happy I bought four of them. My beautiful, heavy flowers hung and spun all summer. The straps are really strong. Very handy to lower plants for watering.