Under-Cabinet Hanger Rack

$19.90 $89.99

"I love these. I have a very small kitchen with only a few cabinets and drawers so there isn't room for all my cups so I bought three of these to put on the top of my cupboards. It really helped me. I'm very pleased!" - Emma B., NV

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  • The Under-Cabinet Hanger Rack offers a convenient way to hang cups, cookware, towels, gloves or anything you want to hang under the cabinet, the shelf, or any other entrance channel
  • It is so easy to install - simply slide the rack over a cabinet or shelf and it is all done
  • The under-cabinet racks make use of the unused space in your home
  • The rack was designed specifically to fit any standard shelf (up to 0.87 inches thick) and offers six robust hooks that hold up to 20kg (44lbs) for your kitchen essentials
  • Make sure that your kitchen utensils are organized and coordinated
  • Our hangers can hold spoons, towels, gloves, etc. or things you want to hang in the kitchen, bathroom or other places


  • Dimensions: 10.24 inch (26 cm) x 2.56 inch (6.5 cm) x 0.87 inch (2.2 cm)

12 Reviews

Nancy J.

Verified purchase

I wanted a FLAT under cabinet hook system for mugs that would still allow for plates stacked on the shelf above, matched current shelves, and were spaced far enough apart that it would hold my mugs. These do all of that, look very nice, and after success with the first one I ordered a second to use for Christmas themed storage as well. My kitchen is now MUCH more organized! Amazing!


Emma B.

Verified purchase

I love these. I have a very small kitchen with only a few cabinets and drawers so there isn't room for all my cups so I bought three of these to put on the top of my cupboards. It really helped me. I'm very pleased!


Allison H.

Verified purchase

This is such a great space saver. I don’t have a ton of cabinet space but I do have a huge pantry so placing this hanger in there worked great. I will definitely buy more. Love it!


Logan A.

Verified purchase

I was planning to use this hook to hold the coffee cups and kitchen utensil under my wall cabinet. But I came up with a better idea. I am using it to hold my belts. It works great.


Anna C.

Verified purchase

This is great. I actually use it inside my pantry to keep soup packets, seasonings, and other dry ingredients organized. It's perfect to make use of the dead space where the shelving is too high or spaced too far apart. I am able to fit several things on each hook. It's a great organizer and time saver.


Jonathan G.

Verified purchase

Used this in my kitchen. As storage is limited, I needed to clear out space in a drawer. This proved to be just what I needed. Easy to install and didn't have to make hole in the wall! It's been holding strong for over a month now.


Isabelle K.

Verified purchase

It is an easy fix to a problem of needing an under shelf way to hang your cups so they are not on the counter or in a cabinet when short of space. It slides right on. Recommended!


Jennifer E.

Verified purchase

These items were just what we were looking for. We seem to have an abundance of mugs recently, and these hangers were just the ticket to creating extra storage capacity without having to stack everything. I was 4.5 months pregnant at the time, and had no difficulties installing them.


Patrick O.

Verified purchase

Like these hook rack! I brought this for cabinet in my kitchen to hold different tools. Very useful hanger both in kitchen and other places at home. Highly recommend!


Daisy N.

Verified purchase

These are great! We live in an apartment and wanted to hang our coffee mugs. These don’t require any installation, so no damage. They hold our mugs with no problem.


Travis O.

Verified purchase

This only took my wife two minutes to install. And it’s not only useful for mug cups. I also bought one for the bathroom to hang shower towels. It saves a lot of space. Perfect!


Megan S.

Verified purchase

I was very skeptical about this product, but now I’m a couple of months into having these installed on my shelves, and they haven’t budged no matter the weight on them. Great!