Silicone Shower Bracket

$19.90 $89.99

"Don't let the cuteness level of these little caterpillars fool you! Buy them,they are terrific! I would suspect these little guys would stretch over any handle. My handle has a switch which is unaffected by it at all,still as functional. Just a little rock side to side and all suction cups are stuck yet easily removed to be easily moved wherever you need it to be. Cna't be any better." - Alexis O., OH

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  • Can be installed on the showerhead and allows you to reposition the shower within one second
  • Place the head at any desired height for easy maintenance
  • Just put it on your shower head, then you can easily stick it to any smooth surface, such as a wall, mirror, bathtub, and toilet
  • No tools are required for installation
  • Can hold up to 5.0 kg, and can be used in wet areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens, wall tiles, glass, and paint
  • Compatible with most shower heads-put on the showerhead


  • Dimensions: 1.38 inch (3.5 cm) x 2.36 inch (6 cm) x 1.18 inch (3 cm)

10 Reviews

Mia R.

Verified purchase

Snug fit and stays in place! Easy to install. Looked to small to fit my shower head at first but it stretches nicely. Able to temporarily stick it anywhere while I’m in the shower. Really awesome!


Amelia B.

Verified purchase

Beautiful unit and has great suction and holding power. My handheld shower head and hose are on the heavy side and this unit handles it with no problem. I highly recommend this product!


Nathan M.

Verified purchase

It's perfect! Bought this for the kids' bathroom so my 7-year old can start taking showers. We have a handheld showerhead but it was so high the angle was wrong for her. With this product she can reach it herself. Excellent!


Tyler O.

Verified purchase

Amazing little device. I wish we would have purchased this years ago. The suction is amazingly strong (granted we have large smooth tiles we're adhering it to) and the finish looks great. My kids love showering themselves now, and best of all, we can move it when they grow taller.


Anna P.

Verified purchase

Exactly what I was looking for. Needed an additional height option for my hand held shower head. This worked perfect. Was easily installed and held my shower head.


Jack B.

Verified purchase

I bought 2 of these! I attached one on my tile shower for my 3 year old so I don't have to hold the showerhead constantly. It was super easy to set up, and it hasn't fallen off yet. My son tends to remove the shower head himself and I put the showerhead back on and so far there haven't been any issues at all. I am very impressed with the suction power. I'm going to use the second one myself. Great!


Bella C.

Verified purchase

I love this. I have a dual shower head and I already added a longer hose to the handheld so it reaches everywhere in my shower. When I take a bath, I like to rinse with the hanheld- but don't really like it in the water with me. Was looking for something to stick to the side of the tub so I can have a rinse (or warm-up) in the tub without getting up. Very nice!


Katherine T.

Verified purchase

My mother is older and uses a chair in her shower. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on additional shower head holder I found this suction cup shower holder. It secures tightly and is very pretty and matches her other accessories. I've placed it at a height she can reach while seated making it much more convenient for her. I've had it for over a month and it's still very secure. Strongly recommend this item.


Madeline J.

Verified purchase

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this worked and has stuck to my shower. Been going on 6 weeks and it's not come off the shower wall once. Perfect!


James M.

Verified purchase

Perfect to bring my shower head down so I do not have to wet my hair when I take a quick shower. Also, I have arthritis in one shoulder so it helps not having to reach up to take it out of the cradle every time I do want to rinse my hair with the bit more water pressure I get with the shower head closer to my scalp.