Silicone Wrap Set

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"I've been looking for the right, reusable alternative to one-time use plastic wrap, and these silicone food wraps are perfect. They're durable and versatile enough to be used in the fridge, in the microwave, on glass, on plastic, and on metal. They stick really well keeping the seal air-tight and my food fresh. They're easy to clean, but I love that they are dishwasher safe! These are super easy to use, and they reduce plastic consumption which I am excited about." - Naomi K., NE

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  • Prolong your dishes and ingredients' taste and quality
  • Cover your fresh produce and cooked dishes to prevent them from being exposed to contaminants, moisture and harmful substances that can cause spoilage
  • Our reusable silicone cover takes only a moment of your time to wash
  • They can be cleaned inside the dishwasher and stacked for space-saving safekeeping afterwards
  • This food storage can be placed inside the microwave up to 180°C and in your refrigerator as low as -10°C
  • The stretchable material allows universal covering for most types of bowls
  • Each set includes Size "S" Silicone Wrap, Size "M" Silicone Wrap, and two Size "L" Silicone Wraps


  • Dimensions:
    - Size S: 3.74 inch (9.5 cm) x 3.74 inch (9.5 cm)
    - Size M: 5.67 inch (14.4 cm) x 5.67 inch (14.4 cm)
    - Size L: 7.6 inch (19.3 cm) x 7.6 inch (19.3 cm)


  • 1 x Size S Silicone Wrap
  • 1 x Size M Silicone Wrap
  • 2 x Size L Silicone Wrap

13 Reviews

Lauren H.

Verified purchase

Love using these as my eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap! Fits over my toddler’s smaller bowls well, so I’m cutting down on food waste as well by saving her leftovers and keeping them fresh. Works well as a non-slip mat, and jar opener too. Awesome!


Kate R.

Verified purchase

Nice little silicone tray, that’s a fun way to make family dinner. I use a flat surface to pack, the silicone is very flexible. No stick material, that is easy to remove sausage and clean! I like that is has a cover, to keep sanitary and store in the fridge. I'm very happy!


Shelby O.

Verified purchase

Wish I had found this much sooner. It works well and significantly reduces waste. It clings very well to any container I’ve used it on. Keeps food fresh, reusable, no need to keep throwing away and buying more plastic wrap. Great idea!!! Love it!


Spencer W.

Verified purchase

I like the idea of eliminating one-use plastics when we can. The silicone wraps are as described and the clear aspect allows me to see what is inside the dish. This product fits several different sizes of containers, is easy to use. I will recommend this to my friends.


Simon D.

Verified purchase

Bought as a gift for my father. Best product I've found for a scran wrap alternative. Wraps pretty much everything perfectly. Great!


Rose O.

Verified purchase

Liked that I could use it over and over after putting in the dishwasher. The small size is perfect for covering a can of vegetables if I only eat half a can. Highly recommended!


Erik B.

Verified purchase

Great quality. It was very useful since I have leftover meals to cover. I couldn't believe how much it can stretch. Awesome product.


Tiffany J.

Verified purchase

We love this wrap! It is so quick and easy to use. We have plastic wrap that we never use because it doesn’t even stick around anything and we end up having to use so much to make it work. Now we never have to use it again. The best!


Dalton N.

Verified purchase

Really great product! Have used all sizes to cover multiple shape Tupperware and regular bowls for refrigerator food storage and microwave use. They are super easy to use and I love knowing they are made out of safe nontoxic materials that don’t leach harmful chemicals when used in the microwave. Very easy to clean and I even used one to help me open a jar of pickles! 


Amanda P.

Verified purchase

What a great product. Easy to use, easy to clean. Environmentally friendly since we're not using plastic wrap any more. We'll be purchasing more.


Amy G.

Verified purchase

I love not having to use plastic wrap so often. These work great. I personally don’t try to stretch them too far. I just need them to cover bowls with enough tension to keep stuff fresh in the fridge. They are perfect!


David L.

Verified purchase

Love these! Come with multiple sizes to fit pretty much any bowl. No longer have to use foil or plastic wrap. Can see through them so you know what's inside your bowl. Have not noticed any staining or food smells on the lids after use. We can store things directly in the container it was made in so no more transferring stuff into a storage container. Saves time and less dishes. I only wish I had found these sooner!


Sophia M.

Verified purchase

I just got these 2 days ago and I’m using every single one of them in my fridge right now. They have a nice tight hold and haven’t leaked anything so far. I’m planning to order another set.