Snowflake Multi-Tool

$29.90 $109.99

"I cannot tell you how many times I have been out away from home and needed some type of tool. This item is so perfect for me. It has everything I need. And I love that it fits right on my keys. It is a really unique design and is made very well. This would be a perfect gift for any man or woman." - Evan H., WA

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  • The Snowflake Multitool lets you enjoy the convenience of having 18 commonly used tools in ONE incredibly portable frame
  • From different types of screwdrivers, Philipps, and hexes, down to a bottle opener, this tool has you all covered
  • Made from industrial-grade steel, this amazing 18 in 1 multitool is durable enough to withstand extensive use regardless of how harsh your current environment is
  • Strap it in your backpack anywhere you go and you're all set for instant maintenance whenever you need it the most whether you're camping, boarding, hunting, maintaining vehicles, opening bottles, and more
  • Its tips consists of a screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver 2#, 3# hex wrench 3,4,5,6,7,8 screwdriver hex wrench 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14 number
  • Perfect for both working professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike


  • Diameter: 2.5 inch (6 cm)

12 Reviews

Henry P.

Verified purchase

Put this all-purpose tool on your key-chain so you can tighten something that got loose-without going to fetch your toolbox. It is sturdily made, and brilliantly designed. The perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. Can't ask for more!


Russell A.

Verified purchase

I use it very often and it is not only a practical tool, but also an attractive accesory for my car keys, everybody has a comment when they see it. Love it. Gonna order more for gifts.


Luis H.

Verified purchase

My family loved these! I gave a few of them as stocking stuffers to a family of "fix-it-yourselfers" and they loved them! Very useful!


Vincent D.

Verified purchase

This product is great to have. Keeping it at easy reach I used it at work and came in handy after I had to put something together with no tools. Versatile little tool!


Colin P.

Verified purchase

These snowflake multitools are the latest incarnation of the one piece pocket carry tool. This is one is very solid at about 1/4" thick. It has Phillip's head and flat head screwdrivers, and various size wrenches on the rest of it. Highly recommend!


Jessica B.

Verified purchase

I had bought this for my husband and he brought it with us on a morning bike ride. Well, my pedals became loose (I’d been having issues and even had a bike store “fix” it) and one of my pedals fell off. Last time this happened I had to walk the bike home. But because hubby had this tool with him, he was able to pop it back on and adjust it for me on the side of the road! I was very happy!


Gabrielle S.

Verified purchase

I got this as a stocking stuffer for my husband as he's always looking for a screwdriver or wrench in random sizes that have somehow vanished from the toolbox. I am surprised with how sturdy this all-in-one tool is - it definitely has some weight to it. I love how many different functions this one little tool can do and I'm sure my husband will get a lot of use out of it!


Miles O.

Verified purchase

Tool looks and feels great. With this relatively small tool you can adjust your seat, install bell, lights, if you do not have quick wheel release then this tool is here to help. Easy to store and carry. Happy with my purchase.


Edward K.

Verified purchase

Had quite a few of these tools in the past. I always have one of those in my pocket it's never my tools of choice but much more convenient while we need some tools in day to day life! Good feel in hand, good weight!


Alice S.

Verified purchase

I got this for my brother for a gift and I thought it was very handy & cute. I know he will love it, he has stored tons of tools in his car for the emergency and this will take some of the tools he has placed. Now that I showed this tool to my husband he wants to get some for his friends at work. Great!


Preston N.

Verified purchase

Great multi-tool to keep around. Has some of the most common tools needed for a quickie. Comes with a useful keychain in case you’re into hanging stuff from your keys. Well built and solid. Very handy tool!


Megan T.

Verified purchase

Love the idea to keep this small tool into your keychain, I have already hooked it up with my keys. This tool is very handy and useful when you need to get done something urgent. Will buy again as a gift for my boys.