Ultimate Indoor Soccer Ball

$29.90 $109.99

"I would give Six Stars if I could!! This is the best purchase I’ve made so far towards a family activity. I have a 1yr old, 2&6 year old, they have been playing with it non stop since it’s showed up. It does exactly what it says in the description, it works perfectly on any hardwood floors. Bumps fine against objects or the wall." - Nicole K., MD

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  • Let your kids and loved ones unleash their fun side with our Indoor Soccer Ball
  • Kick the Indoor Soccer Ball around the house and get the laughs and exercise
  • This toy can turn any smooth floor, like low-pile carpet or hardwood, even the unfinished basement, into an indoor court where kids can burn off all their excess energy
  • Each indoor soccer ball has three batteries for extra playtime (Not included)
  • The LED lights glow in the dark and the foam bumpers protect the furniture and little feet
  • Build a whole team with your family and friends, and play with this soccer ball indoors or outside


  • Dimensions: 4.5 inch (11.5 cm) x 4.5 inch (11.5 cm)

12 Reviews

Naomi L.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my children ages two and four, it’s been raining a lot and I needed some kind of indoor activities for them to burn off some energy. This turned out to be perfect, it glides nicely on the floor and doesn’t damage the furniture and even if they get over enthusiastic kicking it, it’s holding up wonderful. Highly recommended!


Kevin I.

Verified purchase

I bought this for my nephew who loves playing soccer in the summer but isn't able to play outside in the winter since we live in an area that gets snow. Now he can turn the downstairs family room into an indoor soccer field and play year round! The ball seems to be hovering and gliding nicely for him and he is having lots of fun. This was a great gift for my soccer loving nephew!


Hudson V.

Verified purchase

Super fun! We gifted this to my friend’s son for his eighth birthday. The kids ended up not being able to play soccer outside as planned because of rainy weather. Instead, they played with this soccer set inside. It comes in a tiny box, but is huge fun. The kids absolutely loved it!


Rachel K.

Verified purchase

I purchased this for my 5 year old grandson. Our summers reach well above 100 degrees and I wanted to get him something that he could use indoors, plus get some exercise. He just loved it and I am planning to get him another one to use at his own house. Great!


Jake O.

Verified purchase

My grandkids LOVE this. I have purchased all kinds of other toys through out years but I have to say this one has been their favorite and they always want to play it.


Justin P.

Verified purchase

My 4 year old received this as a gift and loves at! Siblings from 2 to 6 love it as well. It gildes well and great to play inside since it doesn’t scratch the floors. The bumper also keeps it from scuffing furniture. Highly recommended!


Preston A.

Verified purchase

It is an ingenious toy for kids all ages (and parents too). The ball hovers smoothly on our floors and it bounces back very easily when it hits a wall. Easy to assemble and well written instructions. Perfect!


Alice D.

Verified purchase

This toy is a really great toy for all ages. My 12 year old loved it and my 5-year-old didn't want to stop playing. It hoovers really nicely and is easy to kick around. It also lights up in multiple colors so you can play in the dark. It is a really great and fun toy!


George T.

Verified purchase

Grandpa and the kids had a blast! They had to take it outside to keep the dog from attacking the hover unit! Too much fun! The grandsons said they let grandpa win.


Peter K.

Verified purchase

We received the toy and immediately opened it, popped in the batteries, and started kicking it around. I love that the hoverball has a cushioned edge saving my walls and woodwork. We had so much fun we couldn't wait to show the grandkids. The game is fun for the entire family.


Hazel G.

Verified purchase

We are very impressed with the quality of this toy. Sturdy and fun. It is good for a variety of ages. And satisfied the “no playing ball in the house” problems for moms and kids! Great toy!


Leslie T.

Verified purchase

What a great toy! I got it for my 3 year old grandson, but my 11 year old granddaughter loves it too! Great lift so it really glides over floors. Does not damage anything, walls, chairs, or small dogs who want to play too. This is a great action toy that gets the kids away from the electronic toys and moving without flashing strobes or loud noises. A really awesome idea.